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I have just reached the age of seventeen, and for quite a while, I've been desperately wanting multiple piercings, including my medusa, vertical labret, cheeks, and septum. However, my dad was not so keen on the idea of me having any holes through my face, let alone my 7/16" ears or my tragus piercing. After quite a bit of convincing, he said I would be allowed to get a lip piercing if I kept my grades up in school.

For quite a while, I tossed around the idea of getting snakebites, but those were too trendy and not really my style, then a vertical labret (which I plan on getting later to compliment my medusa), or just my side lip. After looking through BME for a while, I started considering a medusa, and once I had my heart set on it, that's all I wanted to get. My dad liked the idea of this a lot less than anything on the lower lip, but he couldn't refuse because it was a lip piercing, and that's what he had promised.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and the end of school had rolled around, my grades came in, and I had made all A's and B's, so my dad reluctantly agreed to let me get it done for my 17th birthday.

2 days after my 17th birthday, I had an appointment at Admiral Tattoo in West Seattle at 5:30. I woke up that morning with a nervous feeling all over my body, knowing what was about to come. My friend came over after her dentist appointment, and we got on the bus and went to my dad's office so he could drive us to Admiral. I was getting more and more nervous as the minutes passed, which seemed to go very slowly, but finally I was at Admiral.

The piercer, Jameson, who has done my other piercings, was having a really busy day, and when I arrived, there was a guy getting a dermal punch that was taking a long time was bleeding everywhere, and also before me was a guy who was getting his nape pierced. I waited around for about 45 minutes still nervous as hell. The girl working at the front counter told me that your philtrum has more nerve ending than the tip of your finger, which didn't calm my nerves.

Finally, Jameson is done with his piercings and has cleaned up, and is ready to take me back. My 2 friends came back with me, and my dad stayed up front reading his book and looking like he generally didn't fit in at Admiral at all. Jameson marked me standing up, and the first mark he made was perfect, right where I had imagined it being. He spent quite a while marking the inside of my lip, and when he was done, I checked out my jewelry, and he had me lay down on the chair. He used a light clamp, which he usually does, and I'm thankful he doesn't clamp the shit out of me. He got the needle out, and told me he would be piercing from outside to inside. He told me to take a deep breath in, and out and he slid the needle through. Honestly, it was not that painful. It was worse than any other piercing I've had, but I can't say that it was an experience I'd never go through again. It felt like a sharp poke, and that was about it, after it was done I muttered "oh, fuck". I trust Jam eson to be very gentle. He screwed the ball on the jewelry and had me take a look at it, and I loved it. I knew I would love it, but the moment I saw it in my face, I knew this was the piercing for me, and if I never got one again, I would be perfectly happy (but why would I want to do that?) It just suited me.

I was taken outside because Jameson wanted to take some pictures of me for his portfolio, which didn't have many medusas in it. We went back inside, he gave me a high five, I paid my $50, and left with a big smile on my face.

The aftercare is simple, just wash with alcohol-free mouthwash after eating, do 2-3 saline soaks a day, and brush my teeth. If I keep this up for 8 weeks I should be able to change to a shorter labret post.

I think that a medusa is the perfect piercing, but maybe not great for people with a very low pain tolerance, seeing as mine is rather high. Regardless of pain, if you're considering going through with it, you should, as it is such a wonderful piece of metal to have through my face.

For anyone in the Seattle area, Admiral should definitely be visited for your next piercing. Yes, it's a little out of the way, but the people are so nice, and not stuck up in the least. They have good prices, and Jameson is an amazing pierce


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jameson+Shaw
Studio: Admiral+Tattoo
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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