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Isn't a needle through your lip supposed to hurt?

So, I'll start by saying that I currently have nine piercings. My left daith, my navel, my left nostril, two 8 gauge lobes, two 6 gauge lobes, and a regular helix on my left ear, and last, but not least, my new labret. I have retired my septum, and my right nostril. Honestly just felt like my nose had gotten far to busy. My ears were done when I was 3, with a gun. But other than that I started my mods around 9th grade. Body mods aren't that popular where I'm from, and I went to a small private school, so one can assume that they weren't well received there. My parents in general aren't very accepting. My mom went so far as to threaten to rip out my earrings when she realized I was stretching them last year.

I'd wanted my lip for some time. I can not really explain why, there is no dramatic story behind it. More than anything I thought it was pretty, a nice accent to a persons lips. I decided that I'd have the piercing done the day after my 18th birthday. I wanted my birthday night to get all my partying done and over with, so I wouldn't screw up my new piercing.

Partying out of the way, a friend and me drove down to Spider-Bite. At this point I never feel that nervous with piercings, and this was no exception. I filled out the paperwork, and proceeded to wander around the store until the room was ready. It smelled like disinfectant, which is always good. I sat down on the bench like thing. I had to swish around mouthwash for 60 seconds, which burned. Next she cleaned my lip with some kind of cream stuff and iodine. Shayla marked my lip on the right side with a toothpick and the violet dye. It was perfect the first time. I told her I wanted to wear a ring so she marked it at a slight angle, even though I'd have a stud initially as they are supposed to heal better.

With the cleaning and marking out of the way, we got down to business. She freehands her piercings, which is amazing as clamps can cause bruising and just take extra time and make for extra pain. She held the 16 gauge hollow needle to the inside of my lip and as I exhaled pushed it through. I'm not going to claim I have an amazing tolerance for pain, I'd say its average. And, in total honesty, this was by far much less painful than any of my other piercings. It was a tiny pinch, then stung as the jewelry was inserted. That was it.

There was no bleeding at all. So I hopped up, tipped her, and left. Now it felt damn odd to have a piece of metal through my lip, and even odder when I went out into a semi cold wind and it got cold. But none of the sensations were pain. It has not throbbed or stung. The swelling is very, very minimal. And I'm in love with it. It will likely be my favorite piercing. The stud is small and just plain silver and just below my lip line. I'm a little afraid to smile much as it might catch on my teeth. Talking and the like is no problem though, again just something to get used to. A straw is absolutely necessary for drinking, which I learned the hard way.

I bought Provon, H2Ocean spray, and H2Ocean mouthwash to take care of it. But its LITHA for the first 24 hours. Overall, if you want your labret done, just do it, it is not painful in the least, it hurt less than my ears by about 50%. It's a great piercing aesthetically too. I can't wait until mine heals up, in about 2 months and I can get a small silver hoop for it. So far I've been complimented on it. Though my RA told me it looked like a shiny silver lump on my face. But she also has a stick up her ass.

I had never been to Spider-Bite before as it is near my college and not my hometown. But I loved how easy they made everything, there also wasn't a wait and I did not need an appointment. It was also 2 pm on a Thursday, so I picked a good quiet time to go. The place has a great vibe, so if you're in the area go for it and avoid the dreaded clamps. Wherever you are, make sure the studio you go to is clean and that everything comes out of sterile packaging that's opened in front of you. I've had infections and they are a horrible experience, and cause scar tissue.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: shayla
Studio: Spider+Bite+Piercing
Location: Manchester%2C+NH

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