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I don't like needles but this was pretty painless

Ever since I can remember I have always been into piercing. I enjoy watching people get them done and receiving them. So when two of my closest friends decided that they wanted to get something new of course I was right on their coat tails. They told me about how they wanted to get a scrumper I had no idea what they was so they explained it and once I saw one of them with it I fell in love with it right then and there. There was only one problem ... I had no idea how my parents would react. At the time I was only 16 and until I was 18 they pretty much owned me.

A few months passed the idea of a scrumper still had not left my head. Now by this time both of my friends had one and I was extremely jealous. I would sit in class and ponder the idea of getting one but not telling my parents. With my luck my parents would find out then rip it out of my mouth. Now don't get me wrong they aren't totally against it. They just don't like things they don't understand. My dad likes the idea just as long as his kids aren't doing it.

So here I am at age 19 and I decided to just do it...but one problem I still live at home. Granted I am of age I still live under their roof meaning I can't have anything they find to be a little out of the normal. So of course I did it anyway. [I don't advise anyone to do what I did.] I called over a friend and had her bring her needles. They were clean I know that for a fact. She does all kinds of work on people so she goes out and buys the needles special.

Well I was not risking anyone seeing until I was ready so we went out to some parking lot and waited for my other friend to get there. [She wanted hers done too. She could not help it either]. After preparing for what seemed like forever [when it was only 10 minutes.] I finally prepared myself and told her to go through with it. I closed my eyes and it was all over! She had started. It stung a bit at first but after it broke the skin it went through rather easy. I did not feel it after that. I kept asking her if she was done her and my other friend laughed at me and told me she had finished a while before I asked. She was just looking for the ring to put in there now.

It was rather painless and little to no blood. The only part that hurt was getting the bar through the other side. I kept pushing but it would not go through. So I gave it one last shove and I heard this awful popping sound. It was through all right but by that time my mouth was in pain. I could not find any blood but it felt like my whole upper lip was on fire.

After sucking it up and telling my friend that it did not hurt it was her turn. The needle went through hers with ease but when it came for the ring it was another story. You see hers was a whole lot smaller then mine so my friend could not make any promises that it would take let alone that a bar would go through. Hers had to be done up and back just to make sure she had enough room.

I had to help her push it through but it did not go. One minute she is fine and the next she is passed out in the parking lot. She went down fast and hard. I am guessing hers was a lot more painful then mine was. She said she felt like she was going to throw up ... that is never good. She got back up and we tried again. She passed out yet again...Needless to say that she did not get it done. We are going to try some other time when it is not so hot.

I am happy with my scrumper though and it has not given me any problems. A little pain, but nothing major. It is the easiest thing I have ever had done and if it rejects I will just keep doing it. For people afraid of needles this is really painless and it is super cute too!

Once again do not try what I did if you want it done please go to a professional. They at least know what they are doing and could tell you how to take better care of it. It has been almost a week and mine is still sore. I do not think I used the right needles and do not ever use a safety pin. That could cause serious infection.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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