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Good idea, bad place.

My friend and I spontaneously decided to have a girl's night with alot of boyfriend drama on my part and getting sick of the boyfriend on her part.

We were originally going to go downtown to meet up with a long time friend of mine, but spontaneously decided to get piercings first as we passed a parlor.

I had my 14-month old son with us, so I knew we had to make it quick.

She pulled into the parking lot and I ran like a bat out of hell into the shop and asked if they were still piercing.

This place is a smoke shop/tattoo/piercing place. They said they'd take us, and we both wanted mouth piercings done, so we power-smoked a cigarette before going in and getting stabbed.

We go in, and we inform Jason that we wanted piercings. A Monroe for me, and a tongue piercing for her. Jason pulled out a tray of jewelry and points to a section and tells me to check them out and pick one. Jewelry is free with the piercing there, so I picked a small, cute little red gem.

We fill out the paperwork, give him our ID's, and I pay at the register as he takes my friend in.

I'm sitting in the lobby area playing with my son as I hear my friend whimpering and talking like she has a needle in her mouth. A few minutes later Jason calls me in.

I go in, I rinse, and he cleans the area and marks me. He's a freehand piercer, by the way. That didn't come in handy for my friend.

I seriously felt a small poke on my lip and then a lot of tension in the area. "That's IT?"

I had always heard that the top lip is all nerves and it'll hurt and bleed like hell. NOT TRUE.

So we tip him $10 and go downtown to see my friend. That tip was stupid and I now think I shouldn't have done that.

Later on we established that this Jason guy was an IDIOT. He pierced my poor friend's tongue crooked, and WAY too close to the web.

He put an 18G nose ring in my lip.

The jewelry wouldn't have been a problem, but he bent it too short and my gums were irritated. If I tried to eat, I was chewing metal. If I tried to drink, I was afraid I was going to swallow some of it. When I rinsed, it started to dangle all over the place.

Yesterday my friend and I went to El Toro Body Shop in Morgan Hill and she had to have her piercing removed. I had to have mine re-pierced, stretched, and the jewelry had to be replaced. It went from an 18G nose ring that was bent to short to an internally threaded 16G labret stud with a cute little clear gem. It was pricey, but my experiences are now telling me that you get what you pay for. The piercer there, Melissa, was the best person in the world and I'm going there for all of my modification needs from now on.

Funny thing is, when we were on our way to Bulldog's, I was saying "let's just go to El Toro" but my friend didn't want to drive back to Morgan Hill.

It was a good idea to get piercings, but it was a very bad idea to go to Bulldog's for it. I've been pierced there before, and from experience and the online portfolio I saw, it appears that Jason specializes more in surface piercings.

It was both a good and a bad experience, but I'm never going there again. I don't know what I really expected from a place that sells bongs and pipes on one end behind a curtain and pierces/does tattoos on the other. The place was cramped, cold, and dim. El Toro, though small, was spacious, private, well-lit, and looked almost like a doctor's office. For the rest of the day after having my monroe fixed there I could smell the aroma of CLEAN on my face. Melissa was so gentle, even after I told her that pretty much NOTHING hurts me (I used to pierce myself for fun a few years ago, ears, nose, labret.) and that I have a high tolerance for pain. She was talkative, considerate, friendly, and really made me feel welcome there. When I walked in, everybody greeted me, even people that came walking through the door. The lobby was small, but the studio itself was HUGE. The piercing room looked like a doctor's office and the tattoo room was huge, sterile, and full of friendly faces.

I have always had an intense fascination with piercing, and I am even thinking about going to El Toro and asking if Melissa will allow me to be an apprentice there.

Next time I make a spontaneous decision to get poked and prodded with needles, I'm sooo thinking about where to go this time. And it certainly will NOT be Bulldog's.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jason
Studio: Bulldog%27s+Lifestyles
Location: San+Jose%2C+CA

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