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Artificial dimples for my sweet seventeen.

I'm not too new to the world of body modification, in the past four years I've acquired thirty or so man-made holes throughout various parts of my body and have stretched my ears 28mm during those four years. I may only be seventeen, but I educate myself thoroughly before ever diving into the thought of getting something. And no, I am not another teenager saying they know anything about a topic without any knowledge whatsoever like I've seen before.

Since I was sixteen I had wanted my cheeks pierced, and I was determined to have them. I'm not sure as to why I was so drawn to getting my cheeks pierced, I was never too interested in having dimples, but I just kept finding myself looking through the cheek gallery and felt like I needed them more and more each time. At this point I had just recently switched piercers, because my previous one was an elitist, know-nothing dirtball, but that's not the point of this. My new piercer, and in my opinion, best in Rochester, NY (I would know, I've gotten holes from almost every shop in this city.) Jason Morningstar was hesitant to do the piercing on me because of my age. He made the decision that I should wait until I'm seventeen, which to a teenager, a year is basically equivalent to a millennium.

Well, on August 30th that day finally came and the waiting was over. Good thing too, because I was going insane with the anticipation and the knowledge that I was so close to getting the first holes I've had to wait a long time to get. I went downtown to Primitive Impressions to get poked. He immediately knew what I was getting done when I walked in, since I had gotten several other piercings by him during that year, and every time I mentioned my cheeks and how it was getting closer to that date.

Me and my friend Emily (who was also getting her other nostril piercing done at this time.) were waiting while he set up his equipment, two 13g needles and two 14g 22mm long PTFE labrets. I can't remember right now if he used clamps or not, because for the most part he's free-hand, but in certain situations he does utilize clamps. We spent a good 45 minutes marking the cheeks before the deed was done, because he's a perfectionist and I'm a symmetry freak, so combining forces can be quite timely.

The marks were perfectly set up, in the exact position which I had wanted them to be. I grabbed hold of Emily's hand, because even after thirty or so holes, I still can't go through a procedure without a hand to hold. My nerves were starting to get the best of me, due to the amount of time I had to think about how terribly painful the piercings were going to be. I calmed myself down and he told me to begin the deep inhale-slow exhale procedure that I was beyond accustom to and started from the inside of my cheek to the outside.

I was shocked. I was expecting excruciating pain, but the piercings didn't hurt at all. I actually laughed while I had the needle in my cheek waiting for him to insert the labret studs because it was so ridiculously painless.

I paid him and we went over the aftercare, which we both knew I know by heart and he told me to come in a week to get the barbells shortened. I'm going tomorrow to get that done. Surprisingly there was almost no swelling at all, which was a win/lose situation. Win because I didn't have to look like a chipmunk and lose because I had these long bars getting caught in my teeth whenever I yawned or ate. But I'm glad they were as long as they were, in case they did swell, it's best to be safe.

Right now I'm a week into having them and I can see dimples started to form and I'm pretty excited to see the outcome without the long bar jutting out of my face. Eventually I'm going to be 4mm CZ gem ends on them so I have blinged out fake dimples. I also ended up removing my double off-center labrets because I felt like it was too much in one area.

If you've ever considered getting your cheeks pierced and were nervous about the pain level, it's not bad at all. I know pain tolerance isn't the same in everyone, but if you want a modification bad enough, any discomfort is worth it. If you're in the Rochester, NY area I highly recommend going to Jason Morningstar at the Village Gate Mall. Not only is he an excellent piercer, but he's quite the character.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jason+Morningstar.
Studio: Primitive+Impressions.
Location: Rochester%2C+NY.

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