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Twelve Year Olds and Inexperienced Piercers

When I was eleven years old, one of my best friends came back from vacation with a shiny new lip piercing. Getting piercings was only just becoming popular among the other kids my age, and no one else I knew had their lip done. I instantly knew I wanted to get mine done as well (although on the other side of my lip, so I wouldn't be 'copying' my friend too much).

I couldn't sneak off and get mine on vacation, though, so I had to convince my mother first. At first she flat-out told me that I wasn't allowed any more piercings until I was eighteen. Then, after a while, she lowered it to sixteen. Eventually she even said thirteen. Then, after four months of researching the piercing and parroting the information back at her, she told me that if I waited until February I could get it done. I was, of course, ecstatic.

One of my other friends also wanted to get a piercing (her tongue), so I put my labret off for another month so we could go get it at the same time.

In my defence, I assumed that she had checked out the place we were going to go. She made the appointment, and I just showed up at the right time with my money. My mother waited outside, because she was sure she'd be too squeamish to watch. We were lead to a back room inside a hair salon, with lots of sterilized equipment and very bright lighting.

After some discussion, it was decided that my friend would go first. I was feeling rather nervous and jittery just from being in the room - I'd never had any other piercings done besides my ears, and they had been gunned. My friend, on the other hand, already had her belly button pierced. Well, fine, she got up on the seat and stuck out her tongue. The clamp was put on, one, two, and the needle was through. The piercer pushed the bar in and took out the clamp. There was... quite a lot of blood. Her gloved hand and the clamp came out covered in blood and spit, and my friend ran out to the bathroom to spit in the sink and rinse her mouth out.

Now it was my turn, and even though I was feeling more nervous than ever there was no way I could back out now. I sat up on the seat, and as the piercer got out a new needle and the labret I barely heard her remark "Oh, I get so nervous when I do a new kind of piercing." It wasn't until afterwards that I realized she had meant that she had never pierced someone's lip before. But then, why would she have? As far as I knew, there was only one other girl in town with it done, and that was my friend who got it on vacation!

She asked if I wanted a barbell (labret) or a ring, and I chose the barbell (again because I didn't want to mimic my friend too much). She got me to tell her where I wanted it to be, put a mark on the outside of my lip, and then asked if I wanted her to do it from top to bottom (inside to outside) or bottom to top. I told her to start from the inside, thinking that it would be easier for the needle to fall into my lap than to be pushed upwards. Neither of us thought of the fact that the labret had to be pushed in from the inside anyways, so it was luck on my part.

She put on the clamp and pushed the needle through quickly. I was surprised to notice that it barely hurt at all besides for the last second when it pushed through the outside layer of skin. The piercer then tried to unscrew the labret she was about to put in, fumbling and promptly dropping the ball on the floor. She obviously couldn't use that one now, so she got another ball from a different labret - completely dropping the clamp to do so. I sat there stupidly, clamp hanging from my lip, needle still poking through it, until the pain from the clamp was enough to make me realize it would probably be okay if I held it up myself (and hurt less besides). After that, she got the labret in and the ball screwed on, and I left knowing no better.

One would think that it would be fine from there, but nope. I noticed that my lip was swelling quite a bit, and the metal back that held it in was almost sinking into the back of my lip. I passed it off as normal, though, and made sure to push the back away from my lip with my tongue whenever I thought of it, even though it was rather sore.

A couple of days later, though, the ball dropped off the front of my labret right before I went to sleep. I tried and tried, but I couldn't find it. I started freaking out, crying and thinking that after all the pain I would be forced to get it done over again - there was no way it wouldn't fall out while I slept! My mother suggested putting a piece of eraser on the end, as she'd seen a friend do in school when she was younger and lost the back of her earring. She made an appointment to get me into a piercing place and get a replacement the next day, but it would have to be a different place. I agreed to try anything, and forced the eraser onto my sore lip. It was more swollen than ever the next day, as I'd pushed the eraser in further than the ball had reached before, and we went to the piercers as soon as possible.

This place was actually meant for piercings and tattoos, unlike the one I had gone to, and the woman in charge had a certificate from some beautician's school on her wall. She winced as soon as she saw my lip, and told us that the bar that had been put in was FAR too short for a new piercing. If I had waited too long, it probably would have needed to be cut out of my lip. She got me to take it out, put analgesic on the hole, and put in a new labret all together. She also informed me that the piercing was a lower than normal, and that I would have to watch out for my teeth even more than usual.

After that, though, my piercing was a lot better. The swelling went down in a few days, and I was tremendously relieved to feel that the back of it didn't feel like it was being swallowed by my lip anymore. I was extremely grateful that I had lost the ball on my ring, because otherwise I might not have realized anything was wrong until it was too late. I would have just kept waiting for it to go down, thinking that it was all normal.

Over four years later, and my labret is doing very well. I've had no problems with it since then, and when I got a new dentist last year she was absolutely shocked, expecting horrible gums and teeth because of my piercing. Apparently my teeth haven't been affected at all. So hopefully the placement isn't as bad as all that.


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on: 23 Sept. 2008
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