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My experience piercing my lip...

So, I know that DIY piercings are NOT usually the smart way to go but, there was no other way and I really wanted my lip pierced. And a day or two before I pierced my lip, we had pierced my friend Josh's lip and given him snake bites and that worked out pretty well so I figured that I should be fine.

So, I got a couple of my friends together and we went and bought a labret stud from a body jewelry store in the mall and I ordered some some 14g hollow needles(from http://body-piercing.jumora.net/ encase anyone would like to know). They came a couple of days to come but when they did I was so happy.

Then came the day we were going to pierce my lip, from the moment I woke up I was nervous and terrified of the pain. I have already had my belly button pierced but, that was by a professional and with an actual clamp. Although, I thought that it would hurt less than my belly button because everyone is always like, "My lip piercings didn't hurt very much when I got them done," and stuff. I was wrong, very wrong, it hurt like a BITCH.

It took a long time for me to finally calm down because unprofessional piercings make me really nervous. But, once I was finally calmed down we marked my lip. Once I saw the needle in my friend's hand I started to shake again and start freaking out. Every time he would get ready to pierce me, I would flinch and pull my head away. I also didn't trust him very much because he doesn't really know shit about piercings and we had a crappy clamp(a small salad tong).

After about 10 tries, I started to try and calm myself down. Everyone was watching, waiting, and biting their nails. Then on about the 15th try, I heard the pop of the needle going into my skin and I resisted moving away because I knew that if I did I would have to take the needle out or have a crooked piercing.

I was shaking pretty bad so, when he pierced me, it was a little off the dot and a little lower than it should be. But, once the needle was through my lip I felt so much better knowing that the major pain was out of the way.

I got excited and started to put the labret stud in. It was really hard to put in myself because my hands were shaking but I really didn't trust anyone else but myself. It was almost in and then it slipped out of my hang in into the sink and down the drain! We couldn't get it out so, we decided to walk to the mall with a needle sticking out of my face. On the way there, none of the cars and none of the people noticed that there was a needle sticking out of my lip. My friends and I thought that it was weird because usually, everyone stares at us even if we aren't doing anything out of the ordinary.

By the time we got to the mall my lip wasn't in any pain, just sore. I wasn't bleeding at all which was a surprise because my friend Josh bled a lot on his right side of his lip and I also heard stories of people bleeding a whole lot when they goth their lip pierced. So, I was relieved that I wasn't gushing blood out of my face.

So we bought a size 16g stud instead of a 14g because I didn't want to struggle to put it in like earlier at my house. I went to the mall bathroom, washed my hands which were no longer shaking as much and slid the stud into my lip. I bled a little bit but not very much. Then it came time to screw the little ball onto the post and I couldn't do it. I got really aggravated that my hands were shaking so bad but then my friends helped me.

My lip isn't infected or crooked, it looks pretty good actually. It's lower than where I wanted it but everyone says that they like it where it is and that it looks cute so, I'm happy. I've had it since Wednesday and it's Monday now. I have all the proper care stuff I need for it and everything. Salt soaks daily, cleaning twice a day and mouthwash.

So, that is my story and I hope no one has to walk to the mall with a needle in their mouth, it's very uncomfortable. And when doing DIY piercings, read as much as you possibly can about what you're about to do. My friend Josh and I both want to be piercers and we both know a lot about what we did mostly because this site is so amazing and informational! :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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