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Lower Scrumper

My and my best friend (at the time) were seniors in high school, and we wanted to do something that we would both remember forever. We decided to go with piercings. Our piercings had to be easily hidden, as neither of our parents wanted us to get anymore (we were 18 and 19 at the time). She had decided to get her tongue done (smart move, i know..haha) and i decided to get a scrumper on my bottom lip. There were a few pictures I had seen of smiley's/scrumpers on the webbing of their top lip. I wanted to be different and get it done on the webbing of my bottom lip.
So we had planned to "go to the movies" that day with one of our mutual friends. We showed up at the piercing place and explained what we both wanted done. She went first and got her tongue done. She said it hurt a little, but the worst part of it was using the yellow mouth was prior to the piercing.
It was then my turn. They gave me the mouth wash to rinse out with, and then had me sit in the chair. I had to tell them that I tend to get light headed turning piercings (apparently it has something to do w/your nerves and adrenaline..or so i've been told). They said that was fine, and they would just watch out.
The first thing she did was made a little mark where the ring would go. I wasn't really picky, as it looked fine to me. She then tried to use the pinchers, but couldn't manage to get them in between my lip and my gums, so she had to do it free hand. She asked one of the other workers to hold my bottom lip out for me, so she could put the needle through. She did the whole okay, i'm going to count to three. 1... POP! I felt a sharp pinch and the needle was through. This, I had found out, was the easiest part. The hardest was next, as she had to try and fit the ring into the newly pierced hole. The needle was still through it and she lipped the circle ring in. She struggled a lot to get the ball into it. She had to wipe her hands off several times due to all the drool, and asked for assistance. It probably took them a total of 5 minutes, which doesn't look like a long time, but they were pulling on it slightly, and turning it, and it was just very uncomfortable for me. It didn't really hurt, per-say. Just really uncomfortable. For the aftercare, i had to rinse w/sea salt for about 2 weeks, and just be careful of what i ate for a few weeks until it healed. After this we had actually in fact gone to the movies and saw White Noise (the first one). We ate some popcorn, and practiced talking on the way home. Believe it or not, i had more trouble talking w/my lip done, then she did w/her tongue. Her mom had found the piercing that night, and made her get rid of one of her other piercings..she took out her eyebrow ring. My mom found out quite a few months later.. probably about 6 or 7 months later, for reasons i chose not the disclose. But i will say if this even hadn't happened, she probably still wouldn't. I have since taken the ring out for a couple reasons. It was mostly because if i had put in certain rings, when i would chew my top teeth would hit the ring. Other than this, i would highly recommend this to someone who likes to do things outside the box. After taking the ring out, it didn't take no time to heal. The ring leaves an indent in your gums, however if you leave it out long enough, they do go back to normal. Aside from a TINY little scar on my webbing, there are no visible trace of any damage. I regret now, taking the ring out and have tried several times to put it back in, but was unsuccessful.
If anyone has any questions about this piercing, just let me know. Again, i would recommend it if you looking for something new and different. OR if you trying to hide it ;-)
I currently have 8 piercings total. My worst so far would have to be my industrial. It bled the most, and i heard it pop when the needle was going through. My easiest piercing including the regular ear lobe ones, would be my belly button. I've heard from a lot of people that their belly button hurt getting done. Mine, i didn't feel AT ALL. So, in my opinion, if you can handle getting an industrial done, (or a tattoo on your foot going from the big toe, up over your ankle bone) you can get anything done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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