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Lip piercing.

I had been wanting to get a 2nd lip piercing for quite some time now. And once my parents agreed to let me have one I went and had it pierced the following week. The idea of piercings excite me. I adore how something gorgeous can from just a small amount of pain. I remember a time when I was engaging in a conversation about piercings. The person I was talking to was making a comment that went something like this,

"Getting a piercing is just like getting a shot."

Obviously they were being somewhat ignorant at the time. But I do see what that person was trying to get at. Both come with great benefits. A checkup usually comes with some sort of immunity towards a disease which is amazing. When you get pierced you get a beautiful piercing. With a checkup now a days (or a shot) you get pain, soreness, and a brown Band-Aid...or not even that! A cotton ball with tape on it...With a piercing comes something beautiful Which is why I think of getting pierced as beautiful pain. Fun pain.

I wanted to find another piercing parlor because I wasn't too happy with my current parlor. (The piercers weren't too friendly and made me feel uncomfortable). I had got my very first piercing (besides my ear lobes) done at that parlor (I won't mention the name). I also had my second piercing, septum, pierced there as well. By no means were they bad piercers. They followed safety procedures and pierced me correctly. They also gave me the aftercare information about my piercings. They seemed to speak only when they had to. Procedure wise. And it also seemed they were trying to get me out as quick as possible. I felt like I wasn't wanted as a customer. So after getting the same feeling twice by two different piercers at the same parlor I thought it was time for a change.

I looked in the phone book for a list of piercing parlors. And I talked to some of my friend and their friends as well. So after 3 of my friends recommended Next Generation Tattoo and Body Piercing I decided to go there. They were much friendlier, calmer , and confident. The atmosphere was great. I felt wanted as a customer. They were quick and precise about their piercings as well. And what made me absolutely love my experience there was that they seemed to enjoy their job. That is my number one priority. To love what you do. They answered all of my questions with up to date information and even from their own personal experience. They seemed more than happy to give out any information needed. I was at ease.

My first lip piercing was pierced with a labret stud and Billy Hembree was happy to match the other one as well. It took less than 5 minutes for the procedure. I rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash and he put rubbing alcohol on my lip to clean it. I was pierced with a 14g needle and jewelry was in my lip in less then a minute. He did a great job considering he hadn't pierced my other one. He matched it up perfectly. I left the parlor with a huge grin on my face. Even though it hurt somewhat to smile. =)

To people who are interested in having their lip pierced or anything pierced I would recommend finding a piercing parlor that is well recommended. And also talk to the piercers and ask any questions you have in mind. Just having a quick chat with them can give you a broad idea of what they are about. Its well worth it in the long run. The pain is very minimal. Short, quick, and easy. And if you take care of your lip piercing correctly there should be no problem with it in the future. I've had my first piercing for a year. And I plan on having my second one for just as long and even longer. For work I use clear labret lip retainers. They're not noticeable and my managers are fine with them. I work in fast food by the way. So if I can get away with lip piercings I'm sure there are many places out there that will allow lip piercing retainers. My manager told me that many people now a days are pierced. So she couldn't turn down every single person with a piercing. It seems they
get more and more common now a days. And I like it. =)

Any future piercings I have in mind will definitely be pierced at Next Generation. If your in the 417 area check them out. They're,

"Clean, Friendly, and Damn Good."

And I can vouch for that!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Billy+Hembree
Studio: Next+Generation+Tattoo+and+Body+Piercing
Location: 1231+E+Republic+Rd.+Springfield+MO+65804

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