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Is that needle on my nose??!!?

At the time of my vertical labret piercing, only one other person I knew had it, one of my close friends, and she was adamant that if I was going to get a lip piercing, I should get hers (this was also because she hoped that the two of us would deter people from getting it - she likes her piercings to still seem strange and new, and because my dentist refused to work on me with any piercings that actually went into my mouth)

So, Kier (my friend) and I decided for a good three hours on a vertical labret (which she assured me would not hurt, however, she has much smaller lips than I do).

This decision was forced to drag on and on, as my ride decided he was going to stay late at work, despite my calling him (well, basically screaming at him in the anticipation of the pain).

Eventually, my ride decided to come home, and the three of us piled into his little red Ford and made the drive to Edmonton. Kier had recommended getting my vertical labret pierced at Strange City, as she has all of her piercings done there and they are very good.

So, we finally got to Strange City, and my heart was fluttering, and my palms were beginning to sweat. The entire way, I've been pinching my lip, rubbing it for the last time it will be naked, and hoping to God that the barbell would be straight.

We went into the studio, and the piercer behind the counter looked at me as I sat down. "Do you have an appointment?"


"Oh, sorry. We don't take walk-ins."


So, needless to say, I was kind of disappointed, and my ride was pretty pissed about being yelled at, and dragged into the city for no reason. Kier looked at me, "Hmm, they've never made me make an appointment before."

But I was not deterred. I was not having to come back for this, especially since I called my mom earlier and told her I would come back with a piece of metal in my face, to which she replied, "If you get that, it's going to be the last piercing, right?" (I agreed, however, I've gotten two since then, and three tattoos).

We stood on the sidewalk for a moment, pondering my disastrous situation. I then looked at Kier. "I could get it done at Divine?"

Kier made a face. "Eww! I would never get anything pierced there! It's totally dirty and gross."

Divine is in the basement of a building, and it's pretty much all cement, and basically, kind of sketchy. They sell old school clothes and Converse shoes, but until this point, I had never been in the studio part of the shop.

So, off we went down the block and across the street. Divine looked even more sketchy when I was going in to get pierced, and I vaguely remembered trying on converses once while the guy working the cash register chased a mouse through a hole under the stairs...okay, so maybe Kier was right about the place?

I went to the back part of the shop where the piercing studio was, and told them I would like to get my vertical labret pierced. I paid my hundred dollars (Oohhh it was so expensive!!) and was taken in to the back room.

It was yellow, like a sun in a cartoon. I was slightly disturbed, but it was clean, even if it was really ugly. My piercer was there, all set up with his apprentice. He drew out my dots, and let me look at them. "I think they're too far to the right..."

"Good, I think so too." He said. He did this for about fifteen, twenty minutes, with the second opinion of the apprentice. I was surprised by how thorough he was, and to this day, I'm thankful, as the piercing is perfectly centered.

"Alright, lay back and relax."

I laid back on the chair and stared at the roof. Oh man, what am I doing? This is going to hurt so bad? Justdoitjustdoitjustdoit!!!!

He clamped my lip, which I found more uncomfortable than painful. It just kind of molded into my lip. Then he came with the needle, and I thought my eyeballs would fall out. "IT'S HUGE!!!"

The piercer shrugged, "It's going to hurt a little."

He lined up the needle, and began, "Breathe in."

I breathed in.

"Breathe out."

I breathed out.

"Breathe in."

Again, I did it.

"Breathe out."

And there's the needle...HOLY MOTHER OF GOD FUCKING SHIT! I could feel it separating my lip tissue, and it made a sick little popping sound as it comes out the top.

"Okay, it's done, I'm going to get the jewelery now." He walked over to his tray, and I realized, Oh god, the needle is basically balancing on my nose. I think I might faint. Why is it so big? Why is there so much...?

He didn't cork the end or anything, just left it. I slowly wiggled my lip, watching the needle wiggle on my nose. It was kind of funny, in a strange way.

Then, suddenly, the needle was gone, and the jewelery was in. (Which actually didn't hurt).

I left, and my lip was massive. Kier and my ride were both laughing. Then, on another bad decision train, I went to Tim Horton's and got an iced cap (Dairy is a no no...).

Hmm. And I wonder why for the next month I was unable to down size my barbell, sunk the top ball, turned my lip a hideous shade of purple and green, and had to get medication to resolve the infection.

I found the piercing was very hard to take care of at first, but this was mostly due to the infection. The top ball was constantly sinking into my lip and a layer of skin would crust around it, and it would puss, and eventually it turned kind of green. Medication resolved the problem, and I found care a lot easier after that. In fact, it basically didn't need anything except the medication.

I love my vertical labret now, it centers my face, and it's just so tiny and cute. However, I will not forget how painful it was, or the infection that came afterwards...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dave%2C+maybe%3F
Studio: Divine
Location: Edmonton

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