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Great first piercing (Labret)

Well... I have wanted a lip ring ever since I saw Shaun Morgan (from the band Seether) had one. I asked my mother around a year ago, received a strict "NO!" and left it alone...

Fast forward around a year. Around early summer, I decided I wanted that piercing again, this time, with the intent of piercing it with a stud, and later move onto a 'Labret Claw' (inspired by David Draiman of Disturbed). I was surprised to find that with only a simple 1 minute conversation with my mother, she agreed to sign the slip and let me get the labret piercing.

I quickly started to research everything I could about lip piercings, jewelry etc. I found out that the common size was 14ga (the size I got) and that fresh piercings are usually adorned with a plain Surgical Stainless Steel stud. I all my friends who have gotten piercings in New York City, where to get them, and they all gave me varied answers... but a few did mention "Andromeda". After further researching it, I found that Andromeda is a great place to get a piercing so of we were.

I waited until mid-August, so that my summer classes would be over, and I could spend maximum time caring for the piercing and watching it, so that it stays clean and sanitary.

Myself and my mother hoped on the R-train after work, and made our way to St. Mark's Place, home to Andromeda... among many other piercing & tattoo shops/ parlors. We walked a few blocks around, and soon enough, we found the place... A small, cozy looking shop, with some stairs leading up to it, and nothing to fancy around, except a few window decorations. This made me feel good about choosing this place, because many other seemed like they were just trying to attract tourists, while this one seemed like a place were the staff really cared about the person being pierced.

I was 100% correct. When I walked into the place, I knew right away I had made a good call on picking Andromeda. The place was very clean, the jewelery was very neatly organized in sections in their glass display tables, and the young woman at the front was very helpful... I told her I wanted a Labret piercing, and as soon as my mother signed the small waiver slip, she began explaining everything. She told me how to care for it, why the initial stud had to be longer, what size I should wear, so on and so fourth. She also handed me a sheet of paper, with all of this typed out on it, just in-case I need to refer back to it.

Another woman, who entered a back room after I walked in, told me to follow her into another room. This was where I would get the piercing. The room resembled a doctor's office, very tidy, clean, and with one of those medical, reclining chairs in the middle.

She handed me a small cup of mouth-wash and told me to rinse for 30-45 seconds, then spit back into the cup. As I was doing so, she put on a fresh pair of gloves, opened up a new clamp and needle, and then opened up the small packet with the stud in it. When it was all done, she disinfected the area with Iodine and then with Alcohol. After this, she marked a small dot and asked me if I thought it looked good... I asked for a tiny bit higher placement, and she quickly marked it again, this time it was perfect.

She clamped my lip, and told me to breath in and then exhale with a long breath... As I did so, she pierced my lip from the inside out, and it was painless. All I felt was a pushing type pressure, and that was gone as soon as she inserted the bar part of the stud. She screwed on the bead, and disinfected the area one last time. I thanked her and made my way out of the shop, thanking the other woman in the shop on the way out as well. The total for the piercing/ stud was just over $40, which seems very reasonable to me.

Then I stopped by a local pharmacy to get some Alcohol-Free mouth-wash as well as Gly-Oxide to help it heal.

I am extremely pleased with the way the piercing turned out, and am also very happy with the way everything went at Andromeda. My lip has swelled a bit now, but that is very normal, and should go away within a few days.

All in all, this has been a great experience for me, and in my opinion, this was a great way for me to start my piercings... next up, my eyebrow... If you are thinking of getting a piercing done and not sure which one, I'd go for a labret, also, if you are in N.Y.C, then good it in Andromeda, great place.

Thanks for reading my labret piercing experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: She+didn%27t+say+her+name.
Studio: Andromeda
Location: 33+St.+Mark%27s+Place%2C+New+York+City

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