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Every cloud has a silver lining

So I was 15 and one of my friends had his tongue pierced and I thought it looked cool so i started thinking about what it would be like if I got mine pierced. A few mouths later it was coming up for my 16th birthday and I started thinking about tongue piercing (I stop thinking about it for a while) then I turned 16 and I knew for sure i wanted my tongue pierced because I wouldn't stop going on about it so a couple days after my birthday I asked my mum if I could get it done and she said I could if my dad was ok with it and if I paid for it myself. Later on that day I got in touch with my dad and asked him and to my surprise he was, so I did loads of research, made sure I like the place where I was going to get it done and I loved it so I picked a day when I wanted it done.

So finally the day came and I was going to get my tongue pierced, I couldn't wait. When we (me, my mum and one of my friends) got to the piercing shop I filled in a form, waited about 5 minutes then we were ready to start. We walked down a little hall way to a little white room with this huge black chair near the back.

I sat down then Vicki got every thing ready and when she was ready she got me wash my mouth out with mouthwash and then she started checking my tongue for any veins and then disaster she found 3 one down the right side of my tongue, one down the left and one down the middle so I couldn't have it done and when I found out I just wanted to cry and Vicki asked me if there was any thing else I wanted to get pierced and I said I would like my lip pierced. So I went to check with my mum if it was ok with her and if I could afford it. My mum was fine about me getting my lip pierced and i could afford it so we went back up the little hall way, sat back in the chair and got ready for my lip to be pierced.

Vicki asked all the questions like top, bottom, left or right and I picked bottom right. She placed a dot and asked what I thought and I loved it and she clamped it and said I'd fill a pinch and then told me to take a deep breath in, so I did and i was then told 2 breath out and as I did that when she put the needle in and it hurt for like a second and she put the bar in and we were finished.

So I walked out to show my mum (my friend was with me when I had it done) and Vicki quickly sorted out an other costumer and when she finished I paid her and she asked if I was alright and I said I felt dizzy and I had ringing in my ears and I had turned really pale in a spilt second so I had to sit down and I was given a glass of water a lolly pop to put my blood sugar up (it was really hard 2 eat). We're not sure why that happened to me but we think it's some thing to do with me not having any thing to eat before i went to get my piercing and a bit of shock as that was my first proper piercing.

Vicki ran thought all the aftercare with me and it was stuff like clean the piercing with sea salt 2-3 times a day. I'm not aloud to touch my new piercing unless I'm cleaning it and I'm not aloud to play with it.

It's been a couple of days since I had it done and I'm still having a few problems eating and my lips have become very dry so I've just been putting vaseline on them and a small warning I've had a bit of trouble smiling and laughing but nothing major but apart from that it's really good and I love it and when the swellings gone down I'm going back there and getting a hoop put in also I'm already planning my next piercing which is going to be the top part of my left ear.

It feels weird at first because all of a sudden you've got a bit of metal sticking out your mouth so if anyone's thinking about having it done you should go for it and I hope you'll love you new piercing as much as I love mine.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: vicki
Studio: gb+tattoos
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