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Embedded Labret Disk, OUCH!

About 3 months ago I went on vacation to San Francisco and got myself a pair of Snakebite piercings. I was utterly in LOVE with them. The person who did my piercing was just so awesome and there was no attitude from the people at the shop. I've put off getting the piercing for a while because whenever I go to a shop, I get so much attitude and couldn't bring myself to get pierced there. Back to the story. Unfortunately, I really could not have them in at work. I got a lot of crap for it from superiors, but my main boss was nice enough to let me keep them in until they healed and I was able to put clear retainers in.

It's been 2 months and a couple weeks, I ordered a pair of clear quarts retainers from a special website. I had choose to go with an 18g when I had gotten pierced, and it was so hard to find 18g retainers and those that were long enough because I have a thick lower lip. After they came in the mail, I sanitized them and put them in. They were long, 1/2" so it was long enough for me. I went to work, it was about a 10 hour work day. I would occasionally take a look in the mirror, and then I noticed one was sticking out abnormally longer then it was before. and it had a bit of blood on the end. I couldn't really touch it and deal with it at work because I work at a coffee shop and it would be unsanitary. So I figured I would deal with in in a couple hours when I got home.

When I got home, I realized that the back disk of the labret stem had been embedded into my lip. I tried pushing them back through, thinking it would just pop right out. but they wouldn't come out. I did some Google-ing, and after reading tons of stories, I thought maybe if i just made a small cut on the inside of my lip right where the disk was , that maybe I could just pull them out.

I then found a razor, made sure it was clean, sat in front of a small mirror and cut the inside of my lip. I numbed it with a bit of ice, but I had no lucky. It didn't hurt even when the numbness wore off. But now i just had some small cuts on the inside of my lip and the stem and disk still inside. I was completely devastated thinking that I will end up having to get them removed by a doctor and loosing my wonderful piercing.

I called a piercing shop the next day, but they didn't really offer any help. So I made a call to my doctor's office. Fast forward 3 days later, they are still stuck in my lip. Not many people had noticed them because they were clear and it didn't hurt at all. I was lucky and I didn't have any swelling or signs of infection. I went to the doctors office and met with a nurse practitioner. He was kinda amazed and never dealt with anything like that before. He tried to push them through but it wouldn't budge. I asked him if there was any way he can cut open the inside of my lip and pull them out. He refused, in a tone of disgust. But he said he will page the Throat and Nose department and ask for their input.

He comes back about 5 minutes later saying, "They say, pull them out from the front." My heart sank a bit, thinking, it was going to hurt like a B----, and it will scar pretty badly. I said, go for it since there is no other choice really. He gave me the option of giving me a shot in the mouth and numbing me up before he pulls them out, or just doing it with no anesthetic. I didn't really wanna have a numb mouth the rest of the day, so I decided to just go raw, LOL.

He told me to lay back and he got some pliers and clamped on to the left one first. this was the one that I had noticed has stuck out a bit more then usual. He told me he wasn't trying to torture me but he had to go slow to prevent any big tears in the front. He gave it a quick pull and it came right out. Honestly, it didn't hurt. It felt like a quick pinch. I was very relieved it wasn't painful. He started on the right one. This one was not as loose as the left one. He first tugged and I felt a bit of pain. maybe like, someone flicking me on the lip. Then I felt a small pinch and it had came right out. The second one had a bit of a kick to it, but it was not too painful.

I had started to bleed a little from the right one. He put some antibiotic on it and put small round band aids on them. I praised him and thanked him. As I walked out, he said, "I will never understand why pretty young ladies get that done to themselves" and I chuckled. I had to walk across the whole hospital to my car with these bandaids right under my lips, a bit embarrassed. I have a bit of anxiety with people looking at me.

I got to my car, pulled off my bandaids because I still had errands to run that day and didn't want to walk around with bandaids under my lip like I have a bad herpies outbreak.

It's been two days and I can tell they are a bit shut now. No big tears they are just a bit dark which I know will lighten up soon. So I will be going to a local shop tomorrow to get them repierced this time at 16g. I researched this shop, and found out them have these small clear studs I can use for work so I don't have to use a retainer again. Lesson learned, money wasted, but, I STILL LOVE MY SNAKEBITES.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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