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[diy] Multi Labret

Multi Labret Story

I'm back to tell you of my other self-piercing adventures! Let's start with the standard disclaimer.

Self-piercing is a very dumb idea if your materials include rubbing alcohol and a "big" sewing needle. Rubbing alcohol is not suitable for disinfecting and a sewing needle is only acceptable if you're going to be doing some sewing. If you feel the need to do it yourself, get the right materials. Pre-sterilized hollow gauge needles, clamps [that have been autoclaved], Gentian Violet [or a sterile surgical pen], bleach, a friend/phone, sterile/autoclaved jewelry, and some sort of knowledge about the anatomy of the spot you'll be poking.

Onwards. I've had my bottom lip pierced multiple times, in multiple locations, and each time, after about 3 months, I would realize that in some form, they were off. So I took out the most recent of them, being "snakebites", and wanted to do them again [I was so sad they were gone!]. I also decided to add a center labret. And that I was going to do all three at once. So I called up my mom and asked her if she would order new needles for me, when she informed me that I still had about five pre-packaged sterilized needles left. So I grabbed my handy dandy bottle of Clorox Bleach Clean Up and went to work. I decided to use my mother's bathroom instead of mine, due to it having more adequate lighting. I took EVERYTHING off of the counters and the bathtub and the shower caddy, every possible thing in there went OUT. I proceeded to scrub the mirrors, toilet, floor, cabinets, sink, counters, and shower walls [they needed to be cleaned anyways]. Once the wetness had dried, I set out
my tools. I grabbed three of my needles [pre-packaged, sterilized via Ethylene Oxide gas], multiple paper towels, a box of latex gloves, my sterile surgical pen, and three circular barbells that had been sterilized by my local piercing shop. I didn't use clamps for these piercings because I feel that I have a tendency to clamp too tightly and that makes it hurt more [for me] and... well, I'm just generally clumsy when it comes to clamps.

I washed my hands and tossed on some gloves [always wash your hands!]. I marked the three placements on my bottom lip. And then about 50 more times after that [don't be afraid to remark/have the piercer remark, if you don't like it, change it!]. After I had found the perfect placements, I washed my hands AGAIN and changed my gloves [once more, you can never be too safe when fighting the evil known as cross contamination] and opened the three needles. I decided to go from right to left. I gripped my lip and stuck the first needle through. Then I changed my gloves and washed my hands AGAIN [can't stress this enough!] and braced myself against the worst part, insertion of the jewelry. It went surprisingly well, with no complications. Onto the middle. The actual piercing hurt more this time, but the jewelry insertion went just as smoothly as the first. But then, the third piercing. Boy did that sucker hurt. Along with the jewelry. Wow. Not only did the needle come out off on the inside of my lip, it made the insertion so much harder. I struggled with the last circular barbell for a good 5 minutes. But I got it through! Then I looked in the mirror... and my lip was swollen. Like, BIG kinda swollen. So I gave my poor little lip a nice hot sea salt soak.

Over the course of the next couple of days, it became increasingly painful because the circular barbell was putting pressure on the middle piercing. So I took it out. Almost immediately, the swelling started to go down and my lip felt immensely better. So 3 days after that [this is not recommended at ALL], I re-did it. In general, the best thing you can do for fresh/irritated/even healed piercings, are sea salt soaks. Not alcohol or peroxide and especially NOT NEOSPORIN. If you read the back label, you'll see the warning, "Do not use on puncture wounds." Okay? Okay. I just kept the piercings clean by sea salt soaks twice a day with q-tips to get the icky crusties off, and rinsing with a little bottle of Biotene [made for dry mouths but it works for oral piercings because it doesn't have alcohol in it] after every cigarette, beverage that wasn't water, and every time I ate [well, I also brushed my teeth after that but.. you get the point].

Always remember, wash your hands, get the right equipment [not sewing needles and rubbing alcohol or a lighter], and research, research, research! That's the best thing you can do! If you don't feel comfortable about the anatomy and how it works, it's in your best interest to either a) leave it to the pros or b) keep studying up on it. If you don't like the placement, change it! Better to spend an hour finding the perfect placement that you love then getting it over with and regretting it because you wanted it more to the left/right/up/etc.

Stay safe, clean, and happy modding!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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