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Damn didn't work

Ok, so for ages now I've wanted a lip piercing. I remember as a little kid in the shops seeing these weird and wonderful people, desperately wanting to be like them. I could just picture me with a lip ring, the first in my whole school to get it done! a beautiful left labret or ring, a part of me.

It's only been in the past few months that I have SERIOUSLY considered getting it done. Fakes wouldn't work for me, they were to big and were obviously not real. I had to have the REAL deal, metal in my face and happy smile.

So, I asked my mum.
She said no, which was expected but really upsetting. The mistake was, I had asked just her, not both my parents. See my dad would be more "inclined" as to letting me get one, seeing as he already has a tattoo and a piercing etc.

After days of careful research, mostly on BME, I felt I knew enough to do it myself. While in Birmingham during a shopping spree with my bestfriend, I went to this shop called OASIS, which is absolutelyfuckingamazing!!
anyway so there were like 2 floors there, each amazing, and the tat and piercing place was downstairs. Of course I didn't have ID being too young, although I could have passed as old enough easily, I just didn't want to risk it.
The lady there was really nice, she had loads of piercings herself and was really friendly. I asked her what piercing would be best for a newly pierced lip, one that could accommodate swelling and stuff.. and she presented me with 2 labrets and a ring. I loved them all, but chose the smaller labret in the end.

So two days later I got back home, and while my folks were away I set about cleaning the bathroom and getting everything ready. Believe me, I sterilised everything, even the labret which was pre sterilised anyway! My best friend was also on the phone, giving me words of encouragement and advice.

Wow piercing your lip is odd, even with ice numbing your fucking face off. As I put it through I experienced what I had heard referred to as "popping"; my lip felt like it was literally going pop each time the needle went through a new layer of skin!

Mainly thanks to the ice, and proberly due to the adrenaline too, it didn't hurt much. I had opted to go from inside out, and the only bit that hurt was the outside, just before it came out. But the pain wasn't unbearable; I actually quite liked it, being the person that I am!

Everything had gone pretty smooth until this point, but then I had to put in the labret. Basically I had put a needle through my lip, but couldn't get the stupid labret in!!

After 5 minutes of trying, all with my friend on the line too, I felt like crying. And I'm not one to cry normally, but the unfairness of it all, and my desperation was overwhelming.

How was it that my friend was going to properly get his done, when he had told me he wasn't 100% sure, and yet here I was, every bit of me aching for one, and I couldn't do it? I had got the needle EXACTLY where I wanted it, and it would have been perfect. I sobbed on my bed for hours, just wishing it was all a dream and actually I had got it through.

Hell, I would have even gone with not doing it at all, because the feeling of failure was the strongest I have ever felt.

Of course my folks found out, and I am now grounded for the rest of the summer. But the funny thing was, they said that I had ruined the family, but now, just a few days later, we are closer than ever. We now talk to each other, and they respect that I am determined to do this. I am closer to getting my lip pierced now than ever.

It was an amazing and exhilarating experience, although the sadness at the end was terrible to go through. I admire all of you who did it yourself and it worked, cos I had used a big enough needle alright, it just wouldn't go through.
I'm gathering pictures and info now to convince my parents, so hopefully in a few years they will allow me to finally get it done. It has already healed, and there isn't even a scar, unless you look closely. I'm glad, if there was one I would have to go through with a sad reminder, and it shouldn't make re-piercing it any harder.

Sterilization is VERY important, spray that disinfectant baby! It reassures you, making it less painful because you aren't worrying about whether or not your going to get some infection.

If you want to do something that bad, do it. I just wish you luck, which I could have used at the time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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