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Apparently you have to be 18 to get pierced in Germany.

So I've been getting pierced since I was 14 years old. I've had my right nostril, septum, nape, both cheeks, navel (twice migrated) and the usual loads of ear piercings, but I'm going to talk about my vertical labret piercing, which I got while on holiday in Berlin. I am completely in love with piercing (even though I don't have that many, except compared to my friends, I still get asked if I was shot in the face with a pellet gun/ called Hellraiser even though his name is Pinhead/ the usual crap you get from close-minded people) and when me and my friends decided to go to Berlin during the summer, coincidentally for my 18th, I decided I'd get pierced while I was there as a souvenir of sorts :)

Originally I was going to get my nipple pierced. My friend wanted to get a surface wrist piercing while he was there, and we decided we'd go together one day. On the 27th of June we came across a piercing and tattoo parlour near the Tiergarten and decided to check it out. My friend sort of freaked out because he's a hairdresser and the people at the counter said that he would have a very high risk of infection and migration. I assume they were using semicircle bars instead of square bracket bars though- maybe it was for the best; I've been telling him that at Other Side in Northern Ireland the piercing artist uses square brackets and pierces through the layer of fat so as to greatly reduce the risk of migration, as he's done with my nape, and that he'd be better off waiting until we got home, but unfortunately he's been completely scared off of the piercing :(

Anyway, my 18th birthday was the next day, on the 28th of June (which was also Gay Pride; part of the reason we were there seeing as we are a group of fags and hags :P). I asked if I could get my nipple pierced and they told me I had to be eighteen, which I assumed was because it was an intimate piercing. I sat and thought if there were any other piercings I'd wanted, and the vertical labret sort of dawned on me (I already have both cheeks pierced and it pulls the look together, so to speak) as piercings usually do; a feeling sort of dawns on me that there is something missing from my skin :P. Unfortunately you have to be 18 to get anything pierced for some reason, so I had my 18th birthday feeling unpierced (I probably would have damaged the piercing from the alcohol anyway :P).

So on our last day we went to another piercing and tattoo parlour near the hostel we were staying in at Schwedter Strasse called East Seven (which is a great hostel, seeing as we didn't get kicked out for coming back at 3 in the morning completely plastered; we are from Northern Ireland after all). I'm not sure of the exact location, we were sort of just rambling about. My friend chickened out of a nape piercing and got his closed-over labret pierced, and I got my vertical labret (he would've been unoriginal anyway, I've already got one; apparently he wants a vertical labret now, too :P).

I'm not really that squemish when it comes to piercings or body modification of any sort, and it didn't really hurt (I wish people would stop asking me if it did though!!), but getting a needle through your lip is such a strange sensation :) It cost about 38 euro for the piercing and the jewellery (I got three beads since I had to get a smaller one at the top to get used to). I've been smoking and drinking out of bottles sideways ever since :) I know that you're not supposed to smoke or drink for a while after you get pierced; I sort of have an inkling that it's because the slight swelling and tingling sensation from the heat freaks people out :) but don't hold me to that, I'm no expert.

When I got home I checked with my usual piercing artist, Stu from Other Side in Northern Ireland (who is an amazing piercing artist who really knows what he's doing by the by) to check it wasn't splitting or embedding as vertical labrets tend to do (I didn't hear about this until I got there, my piercing artist in Berlin didn't have very good English and I don't have very good German unfortunately:P). He said it looked fine but slightly off centre, since the piercing artist in Berlin aligned it with my upper lip instead of my lower frenulum, but not too noticeable. But I am completely in love with it anyway, even if Stu would've done better, and I've got the perfect souvenir from my kickass holiday :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Location: East+Berlin%2C+Germany

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