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To add to my many body mods...

I have been getting pierced since I was twelve years old and had already been begging my parents to let me get a nose ring for several years. I think both of my parents realised that I was going to get it done, regardless of their answer - my step dad accompanied me to get my nose pierced (eventually done by some inexperienced idiot with a gun in a place I won't name). I guess they thought letting me have that done would be the end of it but countless piercings later they seem to have given up moaning at me about them.

I actually had been planning to get my lip pierced for a while as I wanted to balance out my nose ring on the left side of my face with a lip piercing on the right, but I actually had no idea that I would get it done when I did.

I went into The Belly Bar to get another bar for my tongue piercing which I had done a few months ago, the atmosphere was fantastic, they were busy but the two girls who were working acknowledged that I was there and got to me as soon as they could. I was happy to wait and felt at ease as I have a number of piercings already and know the drill.

Anna, (I think her name was) asked me what I was planning to have done next and I told her my lip she asked if I wanted to get it done then and told me that she could fit me in in about twenty minutes. I said ok (always one to enjoy a spur of the moment piercing) and waited, during which time I was asked multiple questions by other non-pierced, nervous looking people in the shop with regards to my tongue piercing, nose ring, surface piercing in my chest and my tattoos - mostly stuff to do with the amount of pain I had endured for each of these things - I chatted and answered questions whilst waiting to be pierced.

I then filled in a consent form and showed the other girl at the desk my ID - to prove that no, I haven't been being illegally pierced for years and yes, I am really 19 years old.

Anna finished piercing a girl who was having her tongue pierced (the same girl who came down the stairs and promptly fainted, causing quite a stir amongst the un-pierced people who were waiting to be pierced and much amusement amongst the muti-pierced people waiting) and called me up the stairs where she asked me to sit down on the bed thingy. They allowed my friend Danny to accompany me while I was getting pierced which was nice also.

I sat down and she gave me a cup of mouthwash and told me to rinse for thirty seconds and then spit back into the cup, I did so and then handed it back to her. She asked if I was ok and showed me the needle she was going to use, making sure I saw that she had opened a fresh one.

She then cleaned my lip (both sides as she cleaned the wrong side the first time and I corrected her) and drew a small dot on the right side of my lip. She held up a mirror to check that I liked the position and asked me if I was sure before she continued. She then got out the clamp and clamped my lip she asked me to take a deep breath and to shut my eyes I did so and then she said "Ready?".

I felt a sharp pain in my lip as the needle went in, I also heard a strangled gasp from Danny (he has never been one for piercings and the needle through my lip freaked him out a little) but kept my breathing even and my eyes closed, i felt the needle being removed - not so much painful as just a really strange sensation - Anna said "Almost done" in a cheerful voice that made me feel at ease and then "Right breathe in and then out" and I felt the jewelery being put into place. It didn't hurt nearly as much as some of the other piercings I have had done so I was quite relieved.

She then tightened the ball on the labret stud and I apologised for dribbling on her! She held up a mirror and let me see the result which I was immensely pleased with. She told me to sit still for a moment and checked I was ok and didn't feel faint. She then also changed my tongue bar for me.

I had a very pleasant piercing experience with this piercing and would recommend them to others. The staff were friendly and chatty and made me feel at ease, I will probably be visiting them again for my next piercing, although I have the feeling that I will soon run out of room!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Anna
Studio: The+Belly+Bar
Location: Canterbury%2C+Kent%2C+UK

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