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Oh snap

I guess I'll start this story with what everyone always starts there's with: I've always been attracted to piercings. Ever since I can remember really. Since I was 16 I've had my nose pierced twice, my tongue pierced, my lip and my eyebrow. All retired now, and I miss them dearly. Why did I take them out? Because I get way to nervous, way to easy and as soon as something swells or turns a bit red I panic and take it out. I decided a while back after I retired my tongue ring, that i was going to stick it out with my next piercing, and thats exactly what I planned to do.

It all started about 2 weeks ago when my friend DP from my old town told me he was coming to visit the following weekend and he was bringing my old best friend that I hadn't seen in 4 years, so needless to say I was excited. He then informed me that we were all getting pierced. The REALLY excited me, so I went online and began to research different piercings and what I wanted. After a 4 day search and I couldn't find anything that I actually liked, I decided to get my lip re done, but this time on the left side side since the thought of getting scar tissue pierced scared the crap out of me.

The day finally arrived when DP and Linny pulled up. We all said hey, they unloaded their stuff, played a couple rounds of Guitar Hero and we were ready to go get new holes in our heads. We all hopped into their truck and off we went. I was so psyched about getting the piercing, it's basically the only thing I could think about on the way there. As we started down the main strip where two out of the three piercing shops we have here were located I started to get a little bit nervous. I always get this way before a piercing, no matter if I've had it done a million times, there's always that little voice in the back of my head that says "What if something goes wrong and you like bleed to death?". I talked to Linny about it and she assured me that I was going to be ECSTATIC once I got it pierced and I would be happy I did it.

10 minutes later we arrived at Greg's Body Art. This was the first time I had been there because the rest of my piercing were done at TAT2U, which was 3 minutes down the road. I had decided to go to Greg's because the last time I had gotten my lip pierced, the chick at TAT2U has put a closure hoop in it, and it just would not heal due to me constantly playing with it. But I mean Come'on if you have a hoop, you're going to play with it. Greg's used studs, and after talking to my friends and deciding thats what we wanted, we had all agreed to go there. I also have some friends who have been pierced and tattooed there and they said they did a really good job and highly recommended them.

We walked into the shop, told the small girl behind the counter what we wanted and gave her our I.D's. DP wanted his labret, Linny wanted her Monroe, and my boyfriend wanted his septum (ouch). She then told us that Mike would be out in a second and for us all to have a seat. At this point I was getting really antsy. I could feel my face becoming flushed, and that little voice came back, but this time i quickly shook it away. After about a 5 minute wait, Mike finally came into the room and asked my boyfriend to come back to the room, DP followed him back to be there for some 'manly assurance' and me and Linny waited our turn. A little bit later my boyfriend came out, eye's watering and all and said it was my turn. I quickly walked back to the room and hopped up on the bed. My friends, boyfriend, and some people I had never met stood behind the little gate in front of the bed in excitement to see if I winced, which was not part of the plan.

Mike had my wash my mouth out and sit back up on the bed. He then marked the hole and had me look at it, I asked if it was high enough to put a hoop in it after it had healed, so he looked again and made the mark a bit higher this time. I told him it was perfect, and then he explained to me he was going to pierce me with a 14g needle since 16g jewelery was so hard to find. Then comes the worst part, the dreaded clamps. I have always hated those things because they're always so tight. He steadied the clamps, put a rubber band on them to keep them from slipping, told me to take a deep breath, let it out and it was done. It did sting a little bit, I won't lie about that, but it only lasted for a minute. He put the jewelery in, and that was it. He gave me the after care instructions and I was set.

The second day, as expected was a little painful, it was really tender and hard to eat. I began to get worried around the third day, because the flat part of the stud was sinking into my lip, I called Mike and he assured me that it was normal and just from swelling, and it'll be alright. So now I'm on the 6th day, and everything is going good. I do the sea salt soaks three times a day, and mouth wash after I eat. There's still some swelling and the outside is a bit tender, but that's expected. I just cant wait until it heals and I can put a hoop in it. So my advice to anyone who wants to get their lip done is, just do it, I promise you'll like it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Greg%27s+Body+Art
Location: Monroe+La

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