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My labret piercing

So I decided that after my first piercing that I was addicted and I wanted tons more. The facial piercings I have at the moment are the right side of my lip, my labret, and the left side of my nose. I had my nose pierced twice on the left because the first time it got infected. Anyways, I went to my mom and told her, "Hey I want a labret piercing" and she said, "that's going to hurt like a bitch but whatever". So we called up the guy who did my last piercing and we asked him how much and it was $30. I had to talk with my dad about it because he's pretty anal about piercings. It took a week of "talking" and eventually he gave up. He's one of those guys who think that just because I get some piercings on my face and he lets me that I'm going to grow up and regret it and then call him a bad parent because he didn't care about those kind of things. He also said that girls look better without any metal in their face. It's funny, though because after I get the piercing he always e nds up loving it and says it looks great.

So I had my dad drive me back to my mom's house and about a week later she finally had time to take me to get my piercing but we needed to buy the gear first. We headed over to the store and bought a big thing of sea salt, q-tips, bactine, and chamomile tea bags. The tea bags are just in case I got a boil or keloid on it. I actually had a boil on my first lip piercing. If you put the tea bags on in hot water and then put the tea bag on your nose for 20 to 30 minutes eventually the raised scar tissue or whatever goes away. I'm not the best when it comes to remembering to clean piercings. I got rid of the thing after a week.

When we got to Ink works the guys were all sitting around on the couches. They're all really nice but mean at the same time. They don't mean to be but that's just how it comes out. Here's an example: The first time I went to get my piercing I asked Mike how bad it'd hurt(I was only 13) and he pointed to the door and said no pussies allowed and started laughing. Surprisingly, him being mean like that actually makes me less tense and scared. So we talked for a while about Slayer because I was wearing a Slayer shirt and we talked about other cool bands that I don't really remember right now. After 10 minutes of talking about random bands Miracle Mike told me to sit up on the red table and tell him what I wanted pierced. I told him I wanted a labret piercing and they all started laughing and Mike called me a little gangster. Then he marked my lip and sent me to the mirror and asked if that's good placement and it was. Then he put the clamps on my lip and made me hold it. The cla mps hurt more than the actual piercing for me. I get really scared that the clamps are going to rip through my lip... Then he put the needle in. I have to say, out of the 4 facial piercings I've gotten, THAT was the most painful. It wasn't so horrible, though.

About ten seconds after the needle went in my phone rang, it was my dumb boyfriend and well I answered of course. He just wanted to know what I was doing and I told him, "BABE I HAVE A NEEDLE IN MY LIP!". He freaked but I told him I just got my labret pierced and he got all happy. Then Mike said, "Girl, put that phone away you have a 14 gauge needle in your lip!", so I hung up really fast. Then he put a captive ball hoop in and he helped me off the table and sent me to the mirror again to see how it looked. The piercing was red and it had some dry blood around it and the pen marking was still around it which made it look black and kind of scary. Then he made me bump knuckles with him for some weird reason and all the people there hugged me and told me that I couldn't drink, give oral, use powdered drugs, or smoke anything. We laughed and then I went home and cleaned it really well. The healing process went pretty smooth and there wasn't any boils or anything. It's the piercin g that I NEVER take out. I just wear a silver stud in it. I love it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Miracle+Mike
Studio: Inkworks
Location: California

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