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My Ashley/Inverted Vertical Labret Piercing

I think I had my last piercing, a medusa, done in 2006, and then decided that 4 visible facial piercings (Medusa, labret, eyebrow and septum) would be enough.

In my new job, 2 of my coworkers were constantly talking about how awesome my piercings are, and that they were planning to get pierced themselves soon. When I heard them talking about their plans, I suddenly got in the mood for another piercing. After all I had taken my eyebrow piercing out anyway, because it was starting to migrate, so I could as well get another one.

I had always wanted a vertical labret, so I browsed BME for pictures and came across the Ashley piercing.

I fell in love at first sight, and it was decided – I would get an Ashley Piercing.

A friend of mine decided to join me, she wanted to get her tongue pierced, so I called my piercer and we set up a date.

My friend was up first (and very nervous, as it was her first piercing), so I had to wait for a bit and bought some purple jewelery for my tongue piercing.

Finally it was my turn to get pierced. Yay!

My piercer told me that he had only done this piercing twice, as it's quite uncommon in my area. But he's done most of my other piercings and they all turned out great, so I absolutely trust him :)

While he prepared fresh clamps and needles, I had to rinse with some yellowish mouth wash, which I already knew I hated from my other piercings. Then he cleaned my lip and marked the spot where the piercing would be. Apparently my lip is rather asymmetric, so it took quite a bit of time until we found the right spot, after all it shouldn't be off center.

After changing gloves for about 10 times and some random chatting about the forehead-piercing I had seen on somebody, it was finally time to get pierced.

The clamps, well... while I've heard many people complain about that being the most painful part of the piercing procedure, I personally barely feel them.

The piercing itself was rather painless, I felt a short stabbing pain for a second right before the needle was through completely, but really not too bad. The most uncomfortable part was probably when he inserted the jewelery. Finished!

I immediately jumped up to look at my new piercing, and what can I say – I loved it.

After looking at it carefully, I was a bit concerned about the length of the jewelery. Because of my other lip piercings I already knew that my lips tend to get very swollen, and the stud just seemed very short to me.

My piercer admitted that although the jewelery should be long enough (my lips are obviously...well, fat) to be on the safe side, I should take a longer stud home with me and change it if the current one would be too short.

What I didn't know before was, that I chose exactly the day before he closed his studio for 2 weeks to get pierced, so if I'd have problems with my piercing I would have to handle it myself or look for another piercer.

Well, we paid (10% discount because I'm such a nice person ;) ) and I went home with kind of a bad feeling about the whole thing, but as no swelling had occurred a few hours later, I went to bed and hoped for the best.

Thinking back, I probably should've asked him to change the jewelery right away, but it seemed rather okay to me, so I didn't.

The next day I got up (Sunday), I immediately noticed that my lip felt kind of numb, and was very swollen.

Inside my mouth the jewelery had already sunk into the soft skin for quite a bit, and I knew that I had to exchange the jewelery because I really didn't want it to get embedded and risk losing my piercing.

So I prepared everything, put gloves on, rinsed my mouth, etc. and unscrewed the ball – which turned out to be pretty hard, as I couldn't hold the piercing properly. I carefully removed the piercing, but despite being very precautious apparently I caused something to tear inside, and it started bleeding heavily inside my mouth.

I wasn't able to see anything anymore, because there was really a lot of blood blocking my view. I tried to soak up the blood with cotton balls and put the new piercing in, but my lip had swollen even more and started to hurt badly.

I got really angry, because I didn't want to lose that awesome piercing, and because I wasn't able to see anything inside my mouth I thought „ it", and tried to put the piercing in from the outside.

Which actually worked. The bleeding stopped, my lip was horrendously swollen, the ball of the piercing was inside and the flat part outside, which looked ridiculous. But I hadn't lost my piercing - at least something.

As it was Sunday, of course there weren't any open piercing shops in my area, so I had to wait for a day and then went to a different piercer who put the jewelery in correctly.

It's now been 6 days that I have my Ashley, and despite all the problems I've had with it, I absolutely adore it.

My lip is still a bit swollen, I still can't drink out of a glass without embarrassing myself (Rule 101: Always take straws wherever you go), and the most uncomfortable thing is that my lips are really dry and chapped. Of course I won't go near a not healed piercing with chapstick, so I guess I'll just have to endure that.

But apart from that, I can absolutely recommend that piercing to anyone, as long as you make sure the jewelery is long enough ;)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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