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This little story is all about the day I had my labret pierced.

A little background information...This is my third piercing. I also have my ears and nose done.

It all started when I was browsing BMEZine. I knew I wanted a lip ring, I just didn't know where and what on Earth the piercing was called.

So, I decided I'd try to convince my parents to let me have it done. It took two weeks. (My ears took one day and my nose took a week.)

The next day I booked my appointment at Hairhouse Warehouse, which was where I'd had my nose done. They had been really nice to me, gentle and very approachable. I did it on a school trip down to the shopping centre; we were there to see a movie. I then proceeded to tell my teachers. Aaah. Those looks of horror. I love it.

Anyway, back on track.

I went over to Marion a good half-hour before my piercing. My nerves were insane. I had heard that it hurt, a lot. But I really wanted it, so I swallowed my fear. My Mother gave me the 'You can always change your mind...etc.' speech. I took my best friend with me because I wanted to share.

My piercer was really nice. (She wasn't the one I had the first time though, or the one that booked my appointment...) She took me in and I shakily filled out the forms. She made me rinse my mouth out, jeez that mouthwash tasted bad. It wasn't even minty...=P

I wasn't sure where I wanted it. I thought I wanted it at the side, I just wasn't sure which one...I was advised to get it in the middle...The thought had never even struck me. So she marked it on so I could have a look. I fell in love.

I then had to choose jewellery. I was silly and picked a blue jewel on a plastic stud. Yes! PLASTIC. My Mum and I were so happy. That was one of our main concerns, my teeth. A plastic stud is definitely the way to go in my opinion. They are less awkward, aren't as cold when you put them in and are safer for your teeth.


The procedure.

She prepped it all up and kicked my Mum out the room so it was just my best friend, me and the piercer.

My hands were sweaty, my friend was grinning and the needle was getting closer.

I shut my eyes and waited. Suddenly there was a tube through my lip. I, being very special, thought it was the piercing and licked it. I opened my eyes briefly just long enough to see my friend was no longer grinning.

I clasped them shut as she put in the post.

At last! I had the piercing. Yes, it hurt but it was so worth it.

I was allowed to stand up and I looked...Bad. I hated it. It was red and black...Blah I felt bad. I realised a few seconds later that the blue was a little bit of the dot. Needless to say, I was relieved. I still felt ugly though.

I put on a brave face and let my mum back in. She liked it. The nice lady explained all the aftercare procedures and gave us a leaflet. This proved extremely necessary, as half the stuff she said went in one ear and out the other, due to the adrenaline coursing in my veins.

My friend went green. Literally. It was hilarious for me, but not him. He was close to being sick, but eventually recovered. So be careful who you invite to go with you, some people just can't handle it.

I bought some of the 'Protat' solutions. They are awesome. They're easy to carry round, smell nice, taste nice and aren't tested on animals. I love them. =D

We paid and left.

I recommend a frozen coke right after. (Or something similar) It was beautiful against my now throbbing lip.

The next morning I looked in the mirror and I realised that I loved the piercing. All my dislike from the night before was gone. I was over the shock. That's the most important thing I have to advise anyone on. Just wait a little while before you remove it. Even if you don't like it immediately, just wait until morning and try not to close your mind against it.

Eating was hard. Luckily I love fruit puree and soup. And cold chips. I may have been overly cautious but I didn't want to take any risks.

I cleaned it and managed not to get it caught on anything for the first couple of months. Then I left it to its own devises. It's healed perfectly.

I'm lucky and my piercing is like a part of me.

Just one last thing...

If you want a ring in it, make sure you say so. Mine is too low for a ring and I must admit I was a tad disappointed when I realised.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Hairhouse+Warehouse
Location: Marion%2C+South+Australia

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