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Finish off my canines

Before I go into my day where I was actually in skin decisions, there is an awesome story behind getting there. The day before I went, I was searching the internet for maps, bus schedules and of course the fees. After I had my great knowledge I went to bed, set my alarm for 8 and booted it to sleep.

I don't think you need to know about my morning routine because it is pretty basic, and that winds me up to right before I'm leaving. My mom stops me at the door (she knew I was going to get my lip done again) and she says to me, "Neil, if you don't go and you take out all your piercings I will give you 1000 bucks for your bank account." Okay I'm pretty sure you think I'm an idiot right now, but that meant I had to keep them out, forever. After that awkward confrontation, she drives me to the bus.

At this point its 11 in the morning I just got off a hour and a half bus ride that cost me 40 bucks (for a round trip of course) and I'm moments away from getting my lip done, I could feel the "butterflies" (I have no other term for it) in my stomach. I was pumped. Only thing, I'm not from Truro and I forgot my map. I just figured if I walked one way then it's obviously going to be the other if I'm wrong. Lucky me, I chose right the first time.

The first glimpse I caught of the sign I was like "score" and I sped up my walk a little. I get to the door that obviously said [pull], but you never look so you push first, then quickly pull to make it seem like you didn't actually push.  It's kind of the same thing as when you trip on you feet and you just keep walking like nothing happened. Okay getting back on track, so I open the door and give a friendly hi to Nicole.  I tell her I want to get double Monroe done to finish off my canines (which have been waiting for quite some time). She hands me the forms which I have to fill out, and of course she takes my money, and tells me to wait in the lobby until she is ready to pierce me.

She calls for me to come and sit down on the table and hands me Listerine mouth wash, original. If you have ever had this stuff before, you can feel my pain (its not deadly just terrible tasting). So she grabs the old toothpick and dye and does the placing for my tops. Me being an idiot, I didn't change my bottom lip to a stud so I basically made her job harder to line them up I think (and Nicole deserves one of those awesome job star stickers because she did a great job at lining them together).

She gets me to lie down and face the ceiling, where they have a small poster that promotes their facebook group and has BME icon on it. I'm sorry, but I don't remember exactly what it said. Now for the fun part. Nicole is going to actually do the piercing. It's the climax of the day, and what I've been waiting for. She takes my lip and tells me to take a breath in and out. The only thing is I breathed out before she said breath out but I did okay besides that. After that I was over the hump and onto my second one. I truly see no point in repeating the whole process, it seems pointless to me. The one thing I find weird is that everyone says the second one is worse than the first and it is true (I noticed with my bottom ones too).

I'm all done and I sit up to she can clean the blood off me to have a peek and my eyes black out. She says it's the endorphin rush from the piercing and I should wait it off. In the mean time we thought we should make talk just to speed up time. First we talked about my next visit and what I'm going to receive and the details on that. Then we wind up talking about how my little step brother picks his nose with his tongue and I take full credit on teaching him that (and no I can't do it myself). So Nicole says that she can touch the septum of her nose with my tongue and she use to be able to further but she got her tongue webbing done and can't now.

Finally my little rush wears off and I'm ready to go. Until I leave she shows me tunnels that I've been looking for that were too expensive at the other place I went to. They were a little over half price of what they would be at the other so I thought I should buy them. Unfortunately, I took all the money out of my bank account that I possibly could for the day. Though I remember Superstore is across the street and they do cash back. So I thought they might be able to give me the money.

I run over, run back, buy my tunnels and head back to the bus where I'm literally seconds away from missing it. I hop the bus and start my way home. As I'm sitting down there was this girl and her father sitting on a bench at the station. I was bored so I looked at them until I saw the dad touching his ears and making a cup and stuff (kind of like to describe stretched ears) and the girl pointing to her top and bottom lip like where mine were done. That didn't bother me at all then finally I could have swore she said I want (I'm not saying I can read lips cause I can't) and she pointed to her labret, nose and eyebrow. I just say to myself, "Corrupt a kids mind today. Check."

PS. Thanks Nicole for stabbing my face


submitted by: NeilPereira
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Nicole
Studio: Skin+Decision
Location: Truro+Nova+Scotia

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