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Self Piercing An Experience to say in the least

Ok now I know this is probably going to make me sound like an idiot but im willing to wear that label at this point. I had my lip pierced on the bottom side for about 2 years and was recently told to take it out because apparently it was offensive working at a bank, that is assuming that every person who comes to the bank is offended by these things. What happened to not making assumptions about people and judging them from their appearance. Obviously this is no longer the case in this society. Go figure.

So I took it out putting my job first and was left to fume and detest about it which I figured wasn't going to get me anywhere. So several times I put it back in and tried different ways to conceal it which still did not seem to suffice, so out it came and it finally closed over.

Now the only way I figured I could get away with having it in at work is to leave the ball off it and just have the bar. So I approached a couple of piercers with my grand idea and the situation I was in and all they could come up with was "maybe you should take it out" which I understand would probably be the easiest solution but one im not willing to accept.

My stubbornness will prevail. I understand duty of care etc and I wasn't expecting them to turn around and say a great idea, but if they knew I was going to do it anyway couldn't they at least have given me some advice. So I am left with the decision to pierce it myself. I figured if I can pierce my ears then Im sure I can pierce my lip lol, and I figured im not going to pay someone $60 to tell me I shouldn't have it. Yes I know arrogant and naive is coming to mind right now.

So here I am with a lighter, ice, needle, earrings, antiseptic ear spray and some jeweler from when I had previously had it. Needless to say it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. I first tried to "clean" the needle by putting a lighter to it and then spraying it with the disinfected, and then went straight for it. I still had a mark where it had been so I didn't have to make a complete random entry point.

The needle gets stuck half way and I cant push it any further it seems to have a hard lump there possibly scar tissue which I cant get through, in the meantime its starting to bleed so while im trying to wipe that and keep going im not really succeeding.

So I quickly ice it and try to get the swelling down and go in for round 2 this time using the back of an earring which I manage to get through but now I am faced with the problem of the fact its too small to fit the jewellery, so the next hour is spent icing it and trying to get the jewellery in. Lol im starting to think that maybe this wasn't such a good idea and that I should give up, but I had come this far so I had to keep going. Finally After using pawpaw ointment to make it a bit easier I get the jewellery in. At last it has finally paid off. I actually went out to dinner no longer than 10 minutes after I had done it for pizza, and had no problems at all.

After all this I have to say my lip is fine and I have no problem eating or talking etc, and there is minimal swelling. I wouldn't ever suggest doing it this way, but there was a small sense of satisfaction having accomplished this, although im not sure I will be doing it again.

But wait there's more.

So here I am feeling pretty good about the whole thing and decide to go to the piercing shop to get a longer bar so that I can leave it in at work, I get into a conversation with the guy and he uncovers that It had only just been done on the weekend and that I had planned to take the ball off from work (no this isn't one of the same ones I had been too) he says do you realise how many infections you can get which could then get into your blood stream etc basically saying I should just leave it out. We aren't getting anywhere with the conversation so he sells me the bar anyway and some cleaning stuff and remarks that my body is my temple not his. So now I start freaking out about the fact of the infections and decide to take it out just incase. So now im back at square one still wishing I had kept it in and now I want someone to pierce it again.

I think I am going to have to learn the hard way.

My advice...... go to an honest experienced piercer who will be straight out with you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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