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Piercer FAIL.

Nothing excited me more than turning 18 on the 12th of July. The freedom this opened was incomprehensible for so many reasons. Moving out of the house into my dorm, being independent of my parents, and most importantly - getting my labret pierced.

I had been interested in the piercing since I was thirteen and had picked up some magnetic fake lip studs to scare the crap out of my mother with. The fascination was more than just a phase for me. When I dated, I dated boys with lip piercings. So when I finally became of the age to make my own decisions, I realized that I still wanted one.

My mother didn't take it well at first, but eventually agreed since it was "my body". My boyfriend has his pierced and was all but ecstatic for me to get it done. Though I have a fairly low pain tolerance, I have no problem with needles and became very excited.

Picking a studio to get it done was another long task. A few didn't stay open late enough so that my mother could come with me after work (which she'd insisted) and some I had heard negative things about. I eventually went with Phoenix Rising, a locally owned shop that was the closest, cheapest, and had plenty of good feedback.

The only bad feedback I had gotten was from my boyfriend. Phoenix had pierced his lip too high and so it had been incredibly prone to infection, pain, and swelling. Also, he had been distracted by a phone call during his piercing and left my boyfriend with the needle in his face for a good five minutes. Not only was that probably awful for him, but I find it also incredibly rude.

However, it was the only place that stayed open late enough for my mother to come, so I decided to make the sacrifice and give it a try. After all, I had heard some pleasant stories too!

When I arrived I was immediately brought to the back after filling out my form with no wait. I was a little nervous, but knew there was no going back. He went right to work, bringing out the jewelry, clamp, and needle.

As I swished the mouthwash/salt water solution about in my mouth, I noticed how detached Phoenix seemed from his work. Instead of comforting me (I was obviously shaking) or telling me about the piercing, he was fighting with his apprentice over where to get Chinese food. It should have been a red flag for me, but I felt that I could stop him when I had already come this far.

I expected a long speech of what to expect (though I already knew and had prepared myself) but he didn't say anything, just made a mark on my lower lip to show me the placement. I had him correct it at least three times because he continued to mark the same spot even after I told him I preferred it higher.

Once I was satisfied, he attached the clamp, counted to three, and bam. It was over. I was thoroughly surprised that he didn't even explain the procedure, let me choose my jewelry, or tell me when it was going to happen or to take a deep breath.

The pain was bearable, so I have no complaints there, I was just disappointed that he wasn't comforting or intricate. He explained care for my piercing so vaguely that I probably could have figured it all out myself. (Though thank god the internet has educated me enough anyway.) He explained that he was out of the sea salt spray or any aftercare solution and told me to go to my nearest Hot Topic to get some.

I was stunned, but paid my $30 and left.

Upon leaving I became even angrier. He didn't even tell me what gauge he'd pierced it as! He was sending me all over town for something he should have stocked! He treated me as though he didn't care! My mother was equally as frustrated.

I got some H2Ocean at Hot Topic and luckily the very pierced cashier informed me that I was pierced at a 16 and helped me find out some jewelry to buy that would look better after healing than my long and boring stud.

I don't know what I expected in terms of my piercer, but I definitely expected them to inform the client of what was going on, exactly what they were doing, and how to care for it. I feel it is just common courtesy. I would never go to Phoenix Rising again due to this one bad experience.

So far the piercing itself has been pleasant and hardly sore, but sheesh, I don't think I could have asked for a worse piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Phoenix
Studio: Phoenix+Rising
Location: Springdale%2C+Arkansas

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