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My Second (double) Lip/Labret Experience

After I'd had my first central lip piercing for almost a year, I was bored – I really wanted another piercing, but I didn't know what, eventually I decided on a central labret, below the existing lip piercing and then an additional side lip piercing. I'm not quite sure how I settled upon this particular arrangement, but I liked the idea of a labret below my current lip piercing and also really liked the idea of a side piercing too, so it seemed, to me... to be the logical choice.

At the time I was living in Carlisle and to my knowledge, there is only one place in Carlisle to get piercings, which is Mike's Tattoo Studio. The studio was lovely, with a dedicated room for piercing, which I must say, was one of the cleanest looking piercing rooms I've ever seen. The piercer was female and I'm afraid I can't remember her name, but she was very nice and seemed to know what she was taking about, she was also approachable, which I like.

When I explained what I wanted, at first she wasn't sure that she wanted to do them both at once, but after examining my lip, to check that there was room for the labret, she seemed happy to continue, but warned me that she swelling might be worse with two piercings.

We went though the disinfection and marking process, which took ages, because I couldn't decide exactly where I wanted the side piercing and because the centre piercing needed to line up exactly with the existing one above it.

When we were both happy, she did the piercings – central first and then side, she used a clamp for both, which as normal, was far more painful than anything involving needles sliding through flesh. At my request he used 1.2 gauge barbells on each, to match the original piercing. They were the longest she had to account for any swelling and she also gave me a BCR to take away with me, just incase the swelling got too bad. Despite the length of the jewellery and the already swollen appearance of my lip, it looked great! I was elated. It cost me £40 for both piercings too, which was quite barginous.

By the time I got home my lip was very swollen and the side piercing in particular was digging in something chronic. Eventually, I took it out and tried to replace it with the ring, but my lip was too swollen for the ring to even fit on and because the pierce was so fresh, it closed up, which meant I couldn't get the bar back through either.

The next day I went back to the studio and asked to get the lip re-pierced, seeing as I loved the piercing so much, I was quite happy to pay. However, the piercer said she'd prefer not to charge me, so said she'd attempt to re-open the piercing, if I didn't mind. She did this with a piece of wire (fresh from the autoclave I might add). Now I won't pretend that it wasn't horrific, because it was, but my propensity towards sadomasochism meant that I did enjoy it.

She poked the wire into the piercing from both sides and declared that it had closed off in the middle. Then she asked me whether I wanted her to force the wire through and, for some reason, I said yes. So she did... she literally pushed a blunt-ended piece of wire through my lip, which popped like a cork when it came through. It hurt quite a bit, but once the wire was through it was fine. I was actually rather proud of myself too, as I sat there, with what looked quite a bit like an unfolded paperclip sticking through my lip. Adrenaline and endorphins feel lovely!

On the way home I stopped off a Iceland and brought big bag of frozen peas, which I held against my face for the next 6 hours, so frightened was I that the swelling would make me lose my piercing again. Thankfully it worked wonders and the second time around the piercing was perfect and my lip didn't swell too much at all. I had no healing problems and no infections.

Once I got the bars downsized the set of three piercings (central lip, central labret and side lip) looked awesome. I loved how they were asymmetrical, even though people kept telling me I should get another piercing on the other side, to effectively make snakebites, but I liked the originality of the arrangement myself. I did wear a ring in the side piercing for a while, but I never felt fully comfortable with a ring in and preferred the appearance of the three stud arrangement.

Unfortunately, after about 2 and a half years of having these piercings, I started to notice some damage to my gum line and after trying various different types of jewellery, I decided to remove the piercings. I still miss them now. I used to love the way they accentuated my lips and I often got comments/compliments from complete strangers, but unfortunately knowing that I only have one set of teeth kinda won over. I would definitely recommend lip or labret piercings though, as they proved very easy and looked very cool.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+remember+her+name...
Studio: Mike%27s+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Carlisle

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