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My pleasant DIY smiley.

I would like to say first of all, of course, that DIY piercings are an extremely unintelligent thing to do. Surely you know that, though, as do I, so I'm not going to lecture you.

For a bit of background information, I currently just turned 16 years old. I have been getting piercings since I was around 13, I believe (in grade 8, to be exact). My fascination started young, and since my mother is amazing and actually likes piercings, I quickly decided to get my eyebrow pierced (however, it sadly is retired after merely two years). After that, I quickly developed a complete obsession with body modification. That in turn led to getting snakebites, then my septum, then my bridge, then a third lip ring, as well as an industrial, and dozens of lobe and cartilage piercings (most retired, and only 4 left) in the midst of the rest of my piercings. I think it's safe to say I have a bit of an obsession.

All of the piercings I've ever had have been professionally done. After researching and learning a plethora of information about piercings/procedures/etc., I like to think that I basically know what I'm doing when it comes to piercing. Of course, I'm DEFINITELY not a professional by any means, and couldn't possibly know as much a professional does, but I still know quite a bit. I mean, this is my obsession. And as a result, I know that DIY piercings are a bad idea. That, and the fact that I am a wimp when it comes to piercing myself, made me leave everything up to the professionals.

I'd like to mention that when I started working on my 'collection' of piercings, nobody else around here had anything besides the very rare eyebrow, and just standard lobe piercings. A couple years later, those ridiculous trends (you know what I'm talking about) developed here, and now it's rare for someone NOT to have piercings. It's quite disappointing; the thing that made me feel unique, and good about myself is now labelled as nothing more than a trend put on by silly children.

But anyway, even though I basically had every piercing that I wanted, that awful urge to get something else started itching again (as it always does). This was around a month or so before my 16th birthday. So, I went on a quest to find another piercing to have done. I wanted something...odd, to stand out from everyone else. I was never into 'standard' piercings anyway.

That's when I decided I wanted my smiley done. I thought it was cute, and I hadn't seen anyone else around here with it, so I put it on my mental 'list of possible piercings'. Now, I forgot to mention that the closest (decent) piercing studio is around an hour and a half away from me, and being 15 at the time, I couldn't possibly drive there to get my piercing done. So I just let it be, seeing as I wouldn't be travelling that far any time soon.

A few weeks after that, it just so happened that my cousin ordered me a 'self piercing' kit. It came with 2 sterilized 14g piercing needles, 2 14g CBRs, forceps, alcohol, rubber gloves, and corks. How convenient. So I attempted to pierce my smiley. And, as I previously mentioned, I'm an utter wimp when it comes to piercing myself, so it was a no-go.

Fast forward a month, and I had put getting new piercings out of my mind. I basically forgot about it. Then, for whatever reason, the urge came back full force. My life took on certain drastic changes, and I felt the need to change something about myself. I wanted to do something that I could actually control. So, I decided I wanted my piercing after all.

One morning, it was about 8 a.m., an hour away from when I usually go to sleep, (my odd sleeping schedule has me awake all night, and asleep in the daytime) and I was staring at my piercing kit. On a whim, I grabbed my kit and ran into the bathroom. Cleaning off the area where my piercing supplies would go, cleaning out my mouth, putting on the rubber gloves, etc., I attempted to pierce my smiley. And then I backed out.

I told myself, "Just suck it up, and do it! You've been through worse, how bad can it be?!" And so I tried again. I pushed the needle into the frenulum, and felt it 'pop'. It had gone through one layer. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all. I tried pushing it through all the way, but the needle wouldn't budge. Crap. I pulled it out. This happened around a dozen times. For the last time, I got the needle through the first layer again, but still it wouldn't go through all the way! Aggravated, I started pushing on the opposite side of where the needle entered, instead of just yanking the needle out again. I tried to actually establish a hole. This took me a good 10 minutes, the sucker just wouldn't budge. Finally though, I felt the pointed end of the needle that had finally broken through to the other side. During this whole process, I was in very little, to no pain.

I felt SO very accomplished, but I wasn't nearly done. The needle wouldn't actually continue its course. So I started pushing and tugging, and finally after about 4 minutes of that, I slid the needle through so that it was evenly in. I ran to my brother who was half asleep, squealing with joy like a little girl, with a needle sticking out of my face. I went back into the bathroom and tried setting an end of the CBR into the end of the hollow needle, so that I could push the needle out and the ring would immediately slide into place. But that wasn't working, my lip kept getting in the way. So, I screamed for my brother to come help me. Sluggishly and still tired, he came over and help up my lip for me. I then was able to slide the jewellery into the hole, and TA-DA! I had a fresh new smiley. =D

Afterward, I rinsed my mouth out with cold water, and attempted to get the CBR ball on. 5-10 minutes had passed, and my mouth was throbbing from all of the tugging. But still, the ball wasn't on my CBR. Eventually I said 'screw it', and switched out the CBR for a horse-shoe barbell with spikey cones on the end.

I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn't believe I actually pierced myself. I was beaming with joy, and bugging my brother about it for a good couple of hours. I was way too excited, and didn't go to bed until the afternoon. I woke up with no pain, and no blood. However, I was unhappy about the horse-shoe barbell being used, considering I had the exact same one in my septum, and the two looked ridiculous together. As a result, my poor septum was flipped up the entire day.

Later on, I went shopping with my mother. I unveiled my new piercing to her in a grocery store, and she just gave me the big-eyed look of fascination. Then, she smiled and said, "That's freakin' awesome. But owww it looks painful. I like it!"

Later that night, still unhappy about the jewellery, I tried one last time to get the CBR in. And on the first try, it actually WORKED. Sweet!! So now I have a pretty CBR in there, and it doesn't clash nearly as much with my septum.

So far, only around 6 people have seen it. It's only been a day since I did it. 5 out of 6 people adored it, and the other person didn't because she just generally hates piercings of all kinds.

All in all, I absolutely love it. It was virtually pain free, even considering all of the difficulty I had with it. And for a stupid DIY piercing, I had a pleasant experience. I'm very worried about gum erosion, though. I say if you want to get your smiley done, go for it. It's nothing permanent, but it's lovely while you have it. Oh, and go to a professional. Hah. =)


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on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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