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Labret gone SO wrong...

Hey, everyone this is the story of my very first labret piercing.

I've had my lip done 4 times now, and the last 3 have turned out absolutely great, but the first one have turned out so horrible!!

I had always loved oral piercings and am extending all of mine. The first time I had gotten mine done was at Hardcore Tattoos, it was downtown in a small city. I had gone with my friend, who was getting her tongue pierced and we sat in the waiting room looking around at tattoos and whatnot. Before we had gotten pierced we had about three smokes one after another (we smoke a lot).

So anyway, Chelsea, which I heard was not a very good experienced piercer (I heard from several people at school saying she always messed up tongue piercings and that you shouldn't trust her!) called us into the back and started getting everything together. She had told me she was going to pierce it with a 16 gauge lip stud.

She made me rinse with Listerine and she didn't even mark where it would be! I know.. stupid of me not to say anything but I was quite naive, and she was .... inexperienced. She then put the clamps on my lip and without word put the needle through, it did not hurt at all. I would say the pain level out of 10 would be 2/10. It felt rather good.

So after my friend had gotten her tongue pierced, we left and went to my friends house. The following night, we had a party. We smoked cigarettes, herbs :P , and drank a ton of hard liquor and did some chemicals which I am not going to speak of.. We did clean our piercings out like Chelsea (the piercer) said to.

The next morning, I awoke and looked in the mirror my lip was so huge! I then remembered Chelsea had pierced it with a SHORTER stud rather than a longer one to allow room for swelling. I was pretty pissed, I, for some odd reason had this obsession with playing with it and touching it, I really shouldn't have...... It was oozing out all this puss which was yellow and green, it was really gross, there was no blood, though.

So the following night... my friends and I got together doing.. well what we do best! We had another party (mind you, every damn day was a party for us) and consumed large amounts of booze... etc... etc.. you name it! This continued for about 3 or more days until I decided to do something about my new labret stud.

BAD IDEA. The next few days were hell, it was so sore, I could barely talk and I couldn't even eat well, either. I noticed that the inside of my lip was yellow and all white and puffy and my lip had completely healed over the back of the stud! I was so scared I decided to go to the hospital with my friend. We went in and I was extremely hungover and definitely feeling the chemicals from the night before.. I was in a pissy mood I tell you! We waited for about an hour.. in pain the whole time.. I was finally called in and told the doctor that I needed my lip stud out! He asked no questions and told me I had a yeast infection in my mouth, he said I would need antibiotics and such.

He had me lie down on a table and injected a needle in my lip to numb it, now that really HURT, I was crying. He then proceeded to cut the inside of my lip open and I was squirming and said OUCH, I asked for another needle, so he followed through, the second needle hurt.. just as bad. He then went to make a small incision in my lip again.. I could still feel it, for some reason those injections didn't really affect me...weird. But I just gave up and let him do his job... it came out! FINALLY. I was so relieved... and in so much pain.. I left saying thank you and we walked back home.

The next few weeks it healed so fine. I have a scar from it but it is barely noticeable, it's been pierced over the scar tissue with another lip stud, and the pain? There was no pain, it was like it were never there...

So the lesson is!?!?!....

Go to a piercer who you are comfortable with!!! Make sure they know what they are doing.

And for the love of god.. DO NOT do any recreational drugs during healing time.. ESPECIALLY the first night it is freshly pierced, you will regret it and may end up taking a trip to the ER.

Happy piercing!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Chelsea
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