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finally my medusa

Getting pierced is an addiction, anyway it is for me. I've over ten piercings right now, and I already have so much more options I can think of right now where I want to get pierced. In the last few months I got more and more interested in the medusa piercing. However I was a bit scared to get one because there are so many stories about gum recession. So everytime I met a person with this particular piercing, I asked them if they were having troubles with it and most of them didn't, so I was getting more interested every time.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to get a new piercing, because I was having some troubles at my work, my holiday was cancelled and I could only go one day to my favourite festival instead of the normal three days. With my birthday coming up I figured that I could give myself a nice birthday present.

So after deciding to get pierced I had to choose which one I wanted the most right now, would it finally be my medusa piercing or another microdermal? Since I have no musiclessons during the summer (I play the saxophone), it is the perfect time to take a medusa piercing, so my decision was final.

A few days ago I couldn't wait any longer and I figured: if I go now, then piercing is healed on my birthday. So after I finished up working I went to the shop. When I got there I first let them check my newest tattoo and they said it that healed perfectly. Then I told Ray that I wanted to get a new piercing done. And there came the new part, because of the new rules here in the netherlands, every tattoo and/or piercing shop is now obligated to get a copy of your ID and to let you fill in some form set up by the government if you want to get a tattoo or piercing. When I finished all of that we went downstairs to get my medusa.

Once being downstairs I took my place in the chair. I was quit relaxt, since I sat in that particular chair for many times before. In the same time Ray was getting all his equipment he needed to get the piercing done. After marking up my lip it was time to get pierced. He showed me he was using a brand new needle, put the clamp on my upper lip and twisted it a little bit for a better position of my lip. Then there came the needle and relaxt as I was I really didn't expect it to hurt like it did. After the needle went through Ray said: "So it did hurt more than you thought, right?". And I was like: "Yeah, you can say that again, it really hurt more then I thought.". The pain you feel is similar to getting your nose pierced, you feel it in your eyes and you are going to cry even if it doesn't hurt. So Ray made a joke about it and said: "I really didn't thought I could make you cry over a piercing!". Then the piercing was inserted and the ball screwed on. He wept my tears, clean ed the piercing and I was good to go. I gave him the money, he gave me a paper with the aftercare, because that's one of the new rules as well. He told me to come back in ten days for a check up, I told everybody to have a nice day and I was going home.

Because the piercing was done a bit in an impulse, I didn't think about things like having dinner shortly after getting it done. So there I was eating within the our after getting pierced. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as I expected. A few years back when I got my labret pierced it was much more painful to eat then now with my medusa. In contradiction to a labret, it doesn't get stuck behind your teeth as much, and even when it did happen it wasn't as painful.

It is now a few days ago and it is getting better. The irritation about having something in your mouth that is not supposed to be there is getting less every day and will be probably gone when I get my shorter labret stud in.

The reactions I'm getting from my friends are positive and I like the way it looks very much. Before I got the piercing I tried to get some pictures of people who have both a labret piercing as well a medusa, but I couldn.t find any, but I'm pleased to say it looks very good and I'm very happy with it.

Let's hope I do not get any problems with my gum, because I really don't want to lose this piercing in a very long time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: ray
Studio: skin+art
Location: utrecht%2C+the+netherlands

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