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Bitten By Snakes

Hello, my name is Emily. "Hello Emily". I have an addiction. I am addicted to piercings! Now, I know that many people have an addiction to piercings, or maybe it's the fact that I am OCD, but I am truly addicted to piercings, or at least I feel that way with the current piercing bug I have. I have my eyebrow and labret pierced, and last night (07/29/2008) I got the piercing bug yet again. I had been talking with my friends over the course of a month, trying to get someone to go with me to get pierced yet again. Every Thursday we would plan to go, but some how the plans always got changed. So, last night, a Wednesday, my co-worker and I decided it was time.

I had been having trouble deciding between my cheeks and snakebites. When we got to Dago's we looked around at all of the different tattoo's for a minute, then went and talked to the chick at the counter. I asked her about cheek piercings and asked her how much they would be. She told me that they would be $50 each. Which is a lot steeper than I thought. So, I asked how much the snakebites would be and she said $15. A price at which of course I jumped at. So after I filled out my paper work and felt as if I signed my life away, the chick told me to take a seat and she would call me when it was time.

We sat there and waited for about fifteen to twenty minutes, although it felt like an hour because I was slightly nervous, and the chick came around the corner and said she was ready. I asked my co-worker if she wanted to watch. She said no immediately and I went in, ready to be pierced. I sat down and she got ready and marked the spots on my lip adjusting the spots several times. When she was finally satisfied with how they were marked she asked my co-worker and I to take a look at them to make sure I was good with the placement.

Then I got ready as she clamped the right side of my lip. There was no breathe in breathe out, it was just make sure the needle was in the right place and pushing it through. She put the jewelry in right away, clamped the left side, checked the spot, pushed the needle through and put the jewelry in. I looked in the mirror when it was done and liked them immediately. It was great. The process of piercing both sides took a maximum of thirty seconds. When she pushed the right side in, I suddenly remembered how my labret felt again when I got it pierced. It pushes through and pops, burns, and stings all at the same time. Then it stings as the jewelry gets put in. The left side I actually let out a small gasp. I have never made a sound with my piercings before and I guess getting pierced twice just was a little much. It was the same pop, burn and sting as the right side and the sting when the jewelry was pushed through.

After she gave me my aftercare information, the usual LITHA method as well as sea salt soaks, with alcohol free mouthwash and washing the outside with anti-microbial soap, my co-worker and I left. I'm driving, not sure if that was wise with my "piercing high", and I have to get directions from my co-worker as we go down the freeway. Then we go to our jobsite, open 24/7 since we are a security company, to show off the new piercings I had pierced. The girls I work with all freaked out when they saw it. They thought it was horribly bad with pain, but I told them it hurt worse when they pierced it at first.

After I left there, my co-worker and I went to IHOP and grabbed something to eat. My co-worker thought that eating would be a challenge, however, it was not. Because I had experience with eating with my Labret in, I could eat fine as the swelling hadn't really started yet. She did crack however when I held the cold glass next to it. It was sore.

The one thing that stands out in my mind right now is the fact I remember my labret throbbing in pain the day after. With the snakebites, it's mostly being sore. I've hit the phone against them while talking on it for work and it just banged the jewelry into my teeth, but it did not hurt when I did it. Maybe I'm lucky this time around, or the area that I got pierced is less sensitive than the Labret, but the initial pain is definitely worth it. Right now, my lip is swollen on both sides and the extra long bars are working out great. I can eat without it hurting, and bumping them is a breeze so far. I can't wait until they heal so I can put CBR's in.

If you are hesitating on getting them pierced because of the pain factor, DON'T. Like I said the initial piercing does hurt a little, but it is completely worth it. In the end I paid $30 for a pair of beautiful piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Didn%27t+Get+Her+Name
Studio: Dago%27s
Location: Houston%2C+TX

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