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an amazing experience getting my medusa

I had been thinking on and off about getting a medusa for the past couple years. I always loved how they looked but had doubts about how one would look on me. After I took my vertical labrets out I decided I wanted to get another facial piercing. I was stuck between getting two monroes or a medusa. At first I have to say I was leaning to the monroes, just because I already had a smiley and I was saddened by the idea of having to take it out. I finally decided a medusa would go best with my high nostrils. I made my appointment for the next night and spent the day happily, and a little nervously waiting.

So, the next day night rolled around and I headed towards the shop with a few good friends for support. I've always been pierced by the same guy, Josh Coburn and have always had extremely good experiences whenever he works on me. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Iowa area looking to get some work done.

I waited up front looking at some beautiful glass plugs and joking around with Shell (Josh's girlfriend), Matt (my boyfriend), and Veronica (the desk girl). Josh soon walked up and handed me paperwork, it was go time! I filled out my paper work and headed back to his station, nervously. I took a seat and watched him get everything set up and ready to go. I said goodbye to my two year smiley and Josh kindly took it out for me.

Right then a couple of my friends, Kara and Sean (who both work at the other studio) showed up which made my amazing night fifty times better considering I don't get to see them much. Kara took a seat on a bar stool a few feet away from me, and Sean popped in Josh's station to say hi quick.

Josh cleaned my lip very well, and made a small mark right where my medusa would soon be. I looked in the mirror at the mark, which was perfectly placed in the dead center of my top lip. He asked me if I liked the position, and I replied that it looked perfect.

I laid down and started feeling a mix of nervousness, and excitement. My friend Shell (Josh's girlfriend) was a sweetheart and offered to hold my hand. I was laying down closing my eyes and relaxing and Josh positioned himself on my right side. He held the needle up to the inside of my lip and told me he wasn't piercing me yet, and he would let me know when he was.

A few seconds later he asked if I was ready, and I let out kind of a "uh huh" trying not to move my mouth much because I didn't want to mess up his positioning. He told me to take a deep breath, and on the exhale I felt a extremely sharp pain and my eyes began to water immediately. Right after it went though I let out a mumbled "oh fuck". I'm not going to lie, it was painful, but nice at the same time. Of course my lip swelled right away, but that's nothing new for me, as whenever get pierced I usually swell pretty bad.

I was laying there with the needle through my lip and resting on my nose, Josh told me not to move. I laid their relaxing, and enjoying the moment. Josh asked me if I was doing alright, and not being able to talk well with the needle in my lip, and not wanting to move much in fear of messing something up I carefully and slowly mumbled "yes". With both hands I wiped the tears from my eyes and opened them seeing my friends, and a few curious spectators. One of the girls I didn't know kindly asked "did it hurt?" and trying not to move much, replied "uhhh huh!"

Josh wiped away some blood and screwed the ball on. After getting the okay from him that I could sit up and look, I excitedly stood up and went over to the huge mirror on the wall. I took one look and fell in love, it was perfect! The centering was amazing. He made sure both sides were nice and tight for me.

I'm so in love with my medusa, and so happy I decided to get it. I can't wait to get different jewelry for it, and possibly stretch it. Before, my smiley was my favorite piercing I had, and now I have to say it's my medusa. I'm so happy with it. My experience getting it was amazing, I had some really great friends with me, and it turned out to be a great night.

To anyone who is thinking of getting a medusa I have to tell you that it does hurt, but is more than worth it. Go for it, and don't wait two years like I did.


submitted by: likeacanarylung
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Josh+Coburn
Studio: Slingin%27+Ink
Location: Grinnell%2C+Iowa

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