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"Whoah. I'm bleeding"

Well. It had been six months since my last fix and merely gauging my lobe just wasn't keeping me satisfied, so it was time for a new addition to fuel the addiction.

I decided on a labret, because I hadn't had a lip piercing before, and I decided it was a good place to start my facial project.

It was the first Monday of my two week holidays that I decided to get it done. Partly because I couldn't wait any longer and partly because I'd get a good two weeks of healing done before I had to start worrying about hiding it.

After a simple, "Mum, can you drive me up to Streetwise so I can get my lip pierced?" I was on my way. Mums always been good about my piercings, always signing the permission slips and driving me to the studios. Her only rule is that I have to pay for them all myself, and I'm not allowed to stretch anything but my ears, which I'm fine with. I chose Streetwise because I had already got my tongue done there, and it was like a damn hospital, it was that clean. We arrived there half an hour after they'd opened, at about 11am. We walked upstairs, and I asked if I could get my labret pierced, please. The girl behind the counter instantly replied with a yes. She was really cool, and had an awesome microdermal teardrop. I didn't catch her name though. It wasn't a very busy day, and we were straight into the back room.

Oddly enough, I wasn't nervous at all this time round. I guess I figured after my tongue, this would be a cakewalk. I was sat down on the dentist chair type thingy, while the piercer cleaned herself up, set up her tools, got the jewellery from the autoclave and generally got herself sorted. The marking was simple and straightforward, with only a minor adjustment, (I wanted it a tad lower.) And then we were ready to go. I was clamped, with a pair of Forrestors, which were adjusted around the mark multiple times until it was perfect. She took up the 16g needle, and pierced me, inside out. She took off the clamps and corked the needle, and then it started bleeding. My girlfriend who was watching did the whole 'Ohmygodwhatthehellhe'sbleeding!' bit, while I sat there a bit stunned and overwhelmed, and managed to mumble out, "Whoah. I'm bleeding." With a needle through my lip. I cracked a huge smile and sat there like a royal dick until I was cleaned up, and the flat back was ready to go. It was inserted smoothly, with no pain. I was cleaned up a tad more, and the ball was ready to go on. It was quite bitch to get on, but once it was, I was up and looking in the mirrored wall, having a good old look. I was completely thrilled. It was perfect, and despite being a tad sore, I was buzzing.

I paid $60, got the good old aftercare instructions, and we were off. We stopped for Burger King, and I ate it tentatively, and had a cup full of ice. The best ice I've ever had. It felt so good and helped with the swelling a lot.

Ultimately, the aftercare was easy. Salt soaks on the inside, cleaning solution on the outside. All in all, the most annoying bit was the swelling, but I stuck it out. Coming a close second on the annoyance scale was the dried blood that crunched every time I moved my lip. Which made smiling a chore. Now, three weeks down the track, its looking perfect, and I'm stoked.

I personally recommend Streetwise in Newmarket for any piercings, they're perfect. All the piercers there, and other staff are completely friendly, and a real good bunch of people to just have a chat with. I'm considering going there to take a course and apprentice, when I've got enough money.

Two weeks after getting it done, and the return of the dreaded school, I had to take my newest baby out, so I could have a shave and chuck in a retainer. To my horror.. The ball was on too tight for me to get it off at all, even after using two pairs of pliers. So I had to go all the way back to Streetwise to get the ball loosened. Another setback.. Later that night, with my retainer in, I managed to bit the back of it off, so it wouldn't stay in my lip, so I switched back to the bar, and just take the ball off for school. So far it's worked a charm. Healing has gone well, for only three weeks. It's looking perfect so far. Next step for my facial project is the septum. But that's awhile away yet.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Didn%27t+get+it+%3E%3C
Studio: Streetwise+Body+Piercing
Location: Newmarket%2C+Auckland

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