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Vertical Labret.

I've wanted to get my lip pierced since I was 10 and experimented with self-piercing at 14-15, which was stupid and I got really, really lucky that I didn't end up with some horrible infection. I let all of my self-pierced holes close up once I hit 17 and decided to wait until I hit 18 and could go get it done professionally since my mum wouldn't let me have it done before that.

I was first introduced to the vertical labret piercing when I went with my girlfriend to get hers done and have been madly in love with the piercing since then. I knew that it would be the first one I got done, there was just no question in my mind.

I finally got around to getting my ID when I turned 19, so after that I did a lot of research on it: healing time, experiences, placement, ect. I actually had a few shops that I planned to stop at, but on 26th July I happened onto a place that could do it the next day without much of a wait. I went home, thought about it and then conned my friend into coming with me.

All night I was to nervous to sleep and the when my friend came and got me on the 27th I was even more nervous. We made a few stops before making our way there, which gave me a chance to calm down. We finally made it there around 2 p.m. and didn't have to wait long.

I expected blood and a considerable amount of pain (from the other experiences I've read) and the guy out front confirmed that it could be pretty painful but not to worry about blood. We talked to the guy about it, then talked to the actual piercer to make sure we understood each other. She was really good about answering all of my questions, which I had quite a few of and calming some of my initial fears. She told me to sit in the chair and then we talked about what I was thinking for placement and she went over basic aftercare for it, and she made sure that I knew exactly which piercing I was getting.

She cleaned up my lip then pulled everything out and then marked where she thought it would work and asked me to take a look. I asked my friend for advice and ended up having her move it to the left just a bit. My smile is crooked and I wanted it to look straight when I smiled.

I expected the clamp to actually hurt 'cause I've heard that it can be the most painful part, but I didn't even notice it. She told me to take a deep breath and on the exhale she pushed the needle through. I didn't even feel that, all I noticed was some pressure then I heard a pop as the needle broke through the skin.

The worst 'pain' came when she went to put the balls on, but even then it was more like my boyfriend had gotten overly enthusiastic while biting my lip, then actual pain. I have very little tolerance for pain, so I was really surprised that it didn't actually hurt.

She finished, then let me look at it. I instantly loved it. It looked exactly how I thought it would, though I had expected the barbell to be a bit longer to accommodate for swelling.

She gave me the aftercare instructions once again, and made sure I understood before she let me leave, then I waited for my friend to get her lobe done. We left after that and I still wasn't really feeling it. Until my friend made me laugh, then I was in a bit of pain.

Now, my lips are a bit dry, but not to bad. I've bumped it a few times, but the pain goes away in a few seconds. I haven't noticed my lip swelling at all, but I'm still waiting to see what the morning brings.

Smiling and laughing 'cause a bit of discomfort, but nothing to severe, yawning is painful though. Eating isn't to bad as long as I don't bump any utensils against it, and drinking is simple as long as I have a straw. Talking is a bit weird too, but it doesn't alter my speech to much.

Overall it was a pretty painless experience. The only real problems I'm having with it is not licking my lips (a nervous habit) and not being able to kiss. My boyfriend is enthralled with it ;]. It's gonna take some getting used to. It's really weird to feel the ring in my lip, not something I've experienced before. I'm hoping that as I have it longer it will be easier to ignore.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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