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Shouldn't It Have Stopped Bleeding By Now?

I had managed to resist having a second lip piercing for quite a while before I caved. I kept telling myself I had two fresh anti (forward) helix's to care for and I had promised my friend we would get our side lip piercings done together but when it came to my three year anniversary with my boyfriend I couldn't resist any longer.

We went down to Brighton on our anniversary day with the aim of buying each other a piercing to celebrate the three years together. He had decided on getting his anti helix pierced on his right ear to even up and I decided I wanted my lip pierced on the right hand side. We drove for an hour and a half only to discover when we got there that my boyfriend had left his wallet behind to we deemed the day a failure and went back home.

Fast forward two days to the Sunday after and we decided we'd give our anniversary piercing trip another go and meet up with some friends; killing two birds with one stone. We arrived in Brighton in the afternoon and we walked down to Punktured to make sure they would have time to pierce us later on after we had eaten with our friends. We booked in for three thirty and went on our merry way.

Usually before a piercing we go and get a McDonalds to make sure we're not being pierced on an empty stomach but since this was an anniversary trip we decided we would go with our friend's to a nice little Italian restaurant and fill our stomachs there.

Three thirty rolled around quickly and we wandered back to Punktured. Mikey at the desk asked the usual questions:

What do you want pierced?

What gauge jewellery do you want in it?

Would you like a BCR or a Barbell?

We both choose 1.2g BCRs and began to fill in the necessary paperwork saying that we were not drunk or under the influence of drugs, we didn't have any medical conditions such as HIV and we understood that aftercare is our responsibility.

We filled in the paperwork and paid for our piercings and waited for Jojo to be finished with the client before us.

She came out and beckoned us into the back piercing room with the big dentist's chair in the middle and the smell of anti bacterial cleanser.

I decided my boyfriend should go first as when we normally get pierced together I go first and his piercing was likely to hurt more than mine.

Once he was done and happy with his new anti helix (which still looks beautiful) it was my turn. I hopped up onto the chair and told Jojo I wanted the piercing on my right hand side and she started to draw little dots on my lip. I checked in the mirror and picked the one I liked best and she said she was going to put the clamps on and make sure she could pierce where I wanted and it wasn't going to go through a vein or anything. She checked inside my mouth and decided she would have to move it slightly towards the corner of my mouth just to make sure she was totally clear of the vein.

Then it was time to do the piercing. She opened the needle up in front of me and lined it up with the dot on my face and I looked around the room, preparing to feel some pain. Jojo told me to take a deep breath in and release it slowly as she pierced my lip. I felt slightly strange as normally when I release the breath I purse my lips but seeing as how I was clamped with a needle in my face this was impossible so the breath was released in a sort of purr. I won't say it was painless but it wasn't really painful either and it was over so quickly it hardly mattered.

I sat for a moment before she was ready to insert the jewellery which was about the same on the pain scale as the initial piercing was and then I was ready to go. Jojo was concerned that it was a little bit "bleedy" but I assured her I didn't feel faint and that I would feel fine, but I still got a lolly since it was our anniversary.

We left the shop and wandered through the lanes and after about ten minutes my lip was still bleeding so I decided to go back to Punktured to get cleaned up since the blood was starting to seep out of the hole at the front of my mouth.

I got back and told Jojo it was still bleeding and she took me back into the piercing room to try and clean me up and stop the bleeding. When it still hadn't stopped five minutes later she called the other piercer, J, to grab some ice and I sat with Jojo's hands in my mouth with ice wrapped in tissue trying to stop the bleeding. When it eventually stopped Jojo asked me if I was starting to feel faint and gave me her mobile number just in case I had any more problems as it was growing close to their closing time.

It was pretty swollen with a HUGE bruise on the inside for a few days but now the swelling is nearly all gone and the bruise has been gone for a few days.

I can't praise Jojo enough for her aftercare and knowledge about how to get the bleeding to stop and had I been a piercing virgin she would have done a fabulous job to keep me calm.

Other than the insane bleeding part it has been fine, it's not bled once since or been particularly swollen and it seems to be healing really well.

I'm really looking forward to four weeks time when I can get my ring changed for a smaller one!


submitted by: FaerieCorpsey
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jojo
Studio: Punktured
Location: Brighton%2C+United+Kingdom

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