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my smiley story

So I've always liked piercings you could hide. I got my septum done because I could let people see it when I wanted them too, or I could hide it if I needed to. I was always weird about getting things done, I would usually get super nervous and then get them done randomly. I got my lip done one time cos I was bored and had money and time. I also got my ears done one time while walking around in hollywood because my friend asked if she could do it.

One time I was in Venice with a friend who wanted to get a tattoo done, she was really nervous and chickened out. I was set on seeing someone get SOMETHING done, and our other friend didn't want to get anything done. So I decided I wanted to get something done that day. After talking to my friend at House Of Ink he said he would give me half off of what I wanted done cos I was in the shop like every other day to just hangout. So I got my septum done. I love septums and I was estatic about it.

So after I had gotten my septum done I was out of ideas for piercings that I wanted that I could hide. I work with kids so I'm not allowed to have any visible piercings.

A few months later I started Carly. She and I are both into piercings and piercing people so it works out great. We would si around and talk about piercings that we like and that we think are cool. We always talk about piercings that would look good on eachother.

So after a few months of dating carly started to ask me if she could pierce me. I really had no problem with it, but I couldn't have anything done at that time. So when she would ask I would just say maybe and that would give me sometime to work on trying to hide whatever I got done. I was really set on snakebites but I wouldn't be able to keep them in for work.

Fast forward a few months. Carly and I are looking on BME for cool ideas for tattoos and piercings. I was looking at all the cool ear piercings that I could get because of my long hair, and she was looking at mouth piercings. She was thinking of getting a medusa but then told me it would bother her because she wanted a smiley. I didn't know what a smiley was so I asked to see a picture. At first I thought it was kinda weird and a bit pointless, but after seeing a few more pictures I thought it was pretty spiffy.

She decided that she was just gonna get a smiley because it was a cool piercing. She wanted to do it on herself since she had a few new hollow needles and some extra jewelry for it. Then something tragic happened. One day while working on her laptop while laying down, her laptop slipped and hit her in the mouth, which ended up ripping her frendulum. So with that went her hopes and dreams of getting her smiley done.

she then started asking me if she could do mine, I was really hesitant at first, because it looked painful and I didn't really know wether or not it would suit me. So of course came the daily question of '' can I please pierce your smiley?'' I kept putting it off for months.

Fast forward to may. I had just turned 20, I had been with carly for six months so I decided to get something done. I didn't have the money for a tattoo or for a new piercing so I asked carly if she could pierce me. I decided that I liked the smiley idea and was totally down to get it done. I wanted to wait for a bit but then decided to just go for it. She set up all her stuff and told me to rinse my mouth with mouthwash. She then told me to put some oragel on my frendulum to make it numb. I held up my lip while she lined everything up. And with a quick breath it was done. I was stupid enough to let go of my lip before she put the ball on the other end of the barbell, so it fell out. Now was the tricky part of putting it back in the hole. She did it first try and screwed the ball on.
I went to work right after it was done, and it didn't even bother me. It was weird to have something up on my gums and all but, it didn't hurt and it wasn't bad. I was so happy I just showed everyone. To my surprise it was never sore, it never hurt to move when I cleaned it or anything. I've had it for about 3 months and I love it. Everything thinks its cool and they like that I let my girlfriend do it. I'm glad I did it. And the next time I need something done, ill just let her do it. If you're thinking of getting a smiley done, seriously do it. Its nothing bad, and it looks great.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Carly+Stillman
Studio: carlys+room
Location: South+Bay%2C+Cali

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