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my monroe/madonna piercing experience and why i suggest to wait until you can get it done professionally

 Well I'm 16 years old and I had always wanted a facial piercing for about 2 years previously. I had always wanted either a monroe or nose or medusa, maybe even my septum -one of the 3. The problem was, my parents really dislike the whole 'tattoo/piercing' type of image. They don't understand why people do such things to their bodies... 
For about 3 months I had been constantly nagging them to at least let me get a monroe and always, they said "NO!...how many times do we have to say this? We're not letting you get one, you can wait 'till you're 18." Well in my mind I always knew I would be getting one WAY before I turned 18. Somehow I knew I would get it. Plus I wanted to do it even more after they said that just to show them that piercings are not as bad as they thought they are, and that they can look decent and it won't be such a dramatic thing to have.

Plus I just really don't like people who assume, or make judgments about people just because they do have tattoos or piercings. So, just about 3 weeks ago I was over at my friend Nikki's house and about a week before that we had planned to do my monroe soon. It was about 3 in the morning and Nikki says "Hey we should totally do your monroe!" and I totally agreed.
I iced inside and outside my cheek until it was completely numb(I also don't know if I should have done that because people had told me previously that it makes it harder to go through the skin?". That hardly mattered though because the whole 20 minutes she actually pierced it I was completely freaking out. It was a combination of so much excitement and complete fear. I was so scared of it hurting. But we didn't have any proper items to use to pierce it. Instead of getting a hollow needle, we put a safety pin in some hydrogen peroxide, I cleaned my cheek off and that's about it. Even more stupid, all we had for jewelry was a size 16g labret which is WAY too big to be able to fit through after my lip had swollen up.... After I had finished freaking out(We have a video on youtube also haha), she finally pierced it. It didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would luckily! I quick took the labret and tried to shove it through while slowly easing the safety pin back out of my cheek, but the labret was waaayyyy too big and my lip was already closing up...But still I was so determined to try and shove it through. Eventually the hole just closed up and again, Nikki had to re-pierce it. She ended up piercing it 3 times and soon I just said screw it because I was never going to be able to get the labret through.

Next day: I get home and I still reeeallly wanted my monroe, so I took an old earing and shoved it through the hole and to my surprise the hole hadn't closed up and I was able to wear the earing in it. The lame part about that though, was it was too short to completely go through so it would never stay in and the bottom layer of skin would heal and I would have to re-shove the earring through. That was such a bad idea because now every 5 minutes I was re-tearring the skin and that made it easier for it to be infected and it would scar.

Day after: I woke up and it looked like someone had punched me in the face while I was sleeping. My lip was flipping giant! It was also super sore but yet I was too stubborn to take the earring out. Day after day I would have to re-poke the dumb thing through my lip over and over so then about a week ago I said screw it and now I don't even have it anymore...hahaha

Now I realize that it was the stupidest thing I could have done. Why? For one: now I have a bunch of scar tissue where I pierced it so now if I do want to re-pierce it later It will be tougher to do and will hurt more unless I pick a different location. Number 2 is because constantly taking out the earring and putting back in could have made my lip infected and I'm so lucky that it never did and 3: Thinking about it, I realize what were we thinking...we didn't have any proper equipment, I didn't have jewelry for it.

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, I was going to buy jewelry but I didn't have the money or wheels at the time.

So all I have to say now is...If you're going to get a piercing, just go get it professionally or wait. Its not worth it otherwise.

Now I have to Re-do mine anyways...It was SUCH a bad idea, but an experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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