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My Lip Piercing at Bulldogs in San Jose

I had my lip pierced when I was younger, about 18 years old and had to take it out for a job. Now that I'm 24, no longer working and a full time student, I realized I could re-pierce my lip and enjoy it for a few more years until I get back into the working-world! My friend had recommended this place to me down the street called Bulldogs in San Jose. Since it was a word of mouth recommendation, I didn't do as much research as I should have. Bad mistake. I went in as a walk-in on May 5th and the guy behind the counter (the clerk) was very sweet. He answered all my questions and was reassuring that it wouldn't hurt "that bad". I was SUPER nervous and had a lot of questions, and what's funny is that I don't remember being this nervous when I was younger! I guess the young are fearless! They had me fill out a form with my name and stuff, but they never carded me, which kind of bothered me.

Then the piercer came out and told me he was ready. I went into the booth with him and he didn't say much. He wasn't very friendly at all. I cracked a joke and he didn't even grin. I glanced around the room and there were about 10 signed posted the read things like "If you like the piercing, tip the piercer!!!" or "Don't forget to tip!!!" which I thought was REALLY tacky. He drew a dot on my lip but never showed me in the mirror where the dot was, and my adrenaline was pumping so hard that I forgot to ask. He told me to count to three, then jabbed the needle through. I joked that he had caught me by surprise but he ignored me. He handed me a sheet on care tips and I asked him if they sold the mouthwash I needed and he made some snide remark about how I can just buy some from the store for a dollar. Even after having this unpleasant experience, I still tipped him $15! He didn't even say thank you, he just took my money.

About 4 months later, I decided I wanted to change the lip ring to a diamond stud. I went to a place called Pierced Out that got awesome reviews on Yelp.com. They were friendly and changed my piercing out for me but noticed right off the bat that it wasn't at the healing stages it should be. It was still bloody when he took out the ring and closed immediately. He said he had never in all his life seen a piercing close so quickly, especially after 4 months.

He needed to put a needle through all over again! When he got the stud in, he made a remark that the angle was a little off. He said it had looked like someone had just grabbed my lip and jabbed a needle through. I told him that he was basically right and that I didn't have the best experience at the other place. Also, when I looked in the mirror it looked a little crooked. The guy mentioned that what happens is that the piercer has a few options to choose from when piercing the face to gage symmetry. They can use your top lip, the crescent above your lip or your nose to choose gage on where symmetry would be. He said it looks as though the piercer used my nose to gage symmetry so when you compare it to my upper lip, it can look a little crooked. Which makes a lot of sense, and I really wish the piercer from the other place had explained this to me before, or even let me see the black dot before piercing because then I could have made up my own mind as to where I felt he sho uld pierce it. So although I'm a little self conscious of the symmetry of the piercing, I LOVE having the new diamond labret stud in!!!!!! It looks so cute and prefer it to the ring. If I could go back in time and get re-pierced at Pierced Out, I would definitely do that. I thought about maybe letting it close up and re-piercing it but it doesn't seem worth it since I will only have it for a few more years. The healing process actually hurt more than the actual needle going though!

After this experience my advice would be, that even though you are referred a place to go, don't forget to do your OWN research and always check online with placed like Yelp to get advice from other patrons! Make your own choice on what place sounds best for you, and if you don't like the piercer or are uncomfortable with your experience, you do NOT have to continue with the piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Unknown
Studio: Bulldogs
Location: San+Jose

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