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My Lip Labret At Last!!

After living in Cardiff for six months and being out of my parents house (who strongly object to piercings) I decided it was time to get my lip pierced... At last! Been thinking about it for months but was worrying about the pain of getting it done, didn't think too much about the after pain, just the needle! I have always been worried about piercings but loved the way they looked, I figured at least with my lip I could watch what the person was doing, where as with ears I was a whole lot more nervous. It sounds silly I know.

But anyway it was a beautiful day and I had arranged to meet a friend who had decided to get an ear piercing but said he would only go through with it if I did, which then of course meant I couldn't back out! We wandered into blue banana, I went here because wasn't really that sure where else to go in Cardiff, but the staff were pretty friendly and helped us with all the forms and needed to check ID because apparently I didn't look 18!! We were told to come back in half an hour!

That was the worst bit, we walked round the block a few times and it was time to go back in. Half an hour didn't seem that long anymore. I was first. I sat on the bench and the door closed, I would have liked for my friend to come in but he was shut out before I could ask. I was pretty scared, actually terrified. The only thing stopping me from backing out I think was the embarrassment of leaving the room! But the lady drew on the spot after asking if id ever want a ring in it, and I checked it, It was all fine!

Then the clamp, she didn't seem to be that gentle and it wasn't the nicest feeling but didn't hurt, she pulled my lip out and told me to take a deep breath and the next thing I know there was a sharp pinch and she was telling me she just needed to put the bar in now. Didn't feel much after the needle going through and I can honestly say getting my ears pierced hurt allot more. There was no blood at all which was great seeing as I was expecting to need a pack of tissues! My friend how ever did need the pack of tissues, His ear bled loads!

Walking home afterwards was funny, I wanted to get a drink and the man in the shop i went to didn't speak English that well and was asking if it hurt and laughing at me, I wandered if I might have been dribbling or something. Then he said something about it looking like a nail. When I got home i realised what he meant as the bar looked more than a cm to big, which was to compensate for swelling!

Healing was a bit of a bitch, the piercing didn't bleed or appear bruised at all, it didn't even seem to swell much so the bar that was in it was really annoying, especially when eating, I would always catch it and ended up have to cut food up and eat instead of biting the sandwich!! so like a fool i decided after a week that I was going to change it, I thought a ring was a great idea because it would not catch as much but it hurt trying to put a ring in(probably because it was too small as well as not at all healed, so if unsure its probably best to ask, I learned the hard way) so gave up and stuck to a bar that was a bit shorter. It did feel better but am pretty sure that made it take a bit longer to heal after poking it and making it bleed! That is the only part I regret!

After about four to five days though it really hurt, not so much pain, just a constant uncomfy feeling, almost like a pressure. I felt like if I took it out the feeling would go. I'm assuming that was just it healing up slowly. It only lasted a day or so, so was bearable. I think it probably took about six to seven weeks to heal fully. I bought an internally threaded bar for it and put that in but found the gem was to small for the hole, so when i was talking and laughing the gem would sit inside my lip, it never went all the way through but it was still pretty gross!

Now I love it and am so glad I went through with it finally. Now I just want to be brave enough to go through with getting something else done so I cant write again!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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