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Marilyn Monroe would be proud.

So in 8th grade I got an itch for a new piercing. I have my ears pierced and have them gauged up to a 0. But I never got a real, different piercing before. So I searched around the internet for places to get poked. I thought about my nose for a long time, but then I came across the monroe. Which I thought was absolutly gorgeous. I was a bit apprehensive at first, because mostly I was scared of the pain. But I was ready for it, because I wanted it really bad. I wound up getting it pierced the december I was in 9th grade. A bit of a wait, but it was worth it. Oh a good piece of advice, wait a couple months and then see if you still want it. Piercings are a commitment and can leave scaring and require care. So make sure your commited.

I consulted my mom about it, and with a lot of prodding and begging she finally agreed. The hard one to crack was my dad. He finally settled for it as a christmas present. And I gathered up all my information (birth certificate, Id, etc.) And headed to the warrior with my mom and my friend megan the day after christmas.

When I walked in I was instanly in panic mode. I was freaking out on the inside, but playing it cool on the outisde. We talked to the guy behind the counter and paid the money, then they lead me back into a little room/cubby thing. Seeing the pictures and needles made me even more nervous.

My piercer was really sweet and helped my nerves. The place was very clean and they opened all new needles right in front of me. So I was feeling a little better. He had me clean my mouth out with listerine and then cleaned the outside with alcohal. He placed a purple dot on my lip and I had him move it once, and then he had me lean back into the chair.

He placed the clamp on my lip, which wasn't as painful as everyone says. And told me to breathe. I was gripping my friends hand for dear life, then inhale, exhale. And the needle went threw smoothly from the inside, out. I was expecting much more pain then what I had felt, it was pretty much nothing. Just a bit of pressure and a pinch. Then he slid the jewlery inside, and twisted the ball on the end. He gave me the mirror and I loved what I saw. All the nerves were worth getting something gorgeous. I thanked him, he was very good at putting me at ease. He even had a monroe of his own, so I grew to trust he knew what he was doing. He told me my aftercare and that when it healed I could change it to a shorter post, since the longer one was suited for swelling. And would stick out after healed.

I had one scary incident though, I was sleeping and when I woke up that morning the ball had come untwisted and the post had fallen back into my mouth. I ran to the bathroom in a panic and tried to put it back in the hole. It seemed to close up a bit and it hurt getting it back in. I had a hard time getting the ball on too. I should of went to the piercing place, but I figured I had no time.

After my incident the healing went smoothly with a bit of advil. Keeping the swelling down was the hardest though. Sometimes it would swell a lot, and other days it'd be fine. They say keep your head above your heart while you sleep, it lessens the swelling. I had to clean it multiple times a day with ivory soap and rinse with diluted listerine after everything I ate. It sounds like much, but you get used to it. Peroxide is only needed for crusties. If you don't have them, don't use it. It prolongs the healing process. But I did everything right, and it healed very nicely. Then I got to change my post to a smaller one, so it wouldn't stick out so far.

Its been about 7 months since my pierce, and I love it to pieces. Its goregeous and I've been told I can pull it off (: . It healed easy, with no complications. Though it has been tough to find the right stud to put in it. The posts are always to long, gems too small, etc. But anyone considering this pierce, get it. Its totally worth it.

I'm now considering hip piercings, surface bars on each side. I'm a tad scared, but my monroe left me yerning for more peircings.

Anyone with questions about monroe piercings, feel free to email me. I'd be happy to answer any questions.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: jd
Studio: Warrior
Location: langhorne%2C+pa.

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