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Many mistakes, but eventual happiness.

Well I have no idea where my fascination with piercings originated, but it seems to me that I've always been interested. So about a year and a half ago i decided that I would get my lip pierced. At that time i was only 14, so it was a bit extreme. Another factor being that my parents hate anything out of the ordinary because they are pretty ignorant people.

So I thought I would do it during the summer, you know, how much could it hurt, getting grounded for like a week, blah blah blah. Being that I was only 14 when i originally decided to pierce my lip and me being as sheltered and friendless because I was so weird coming from such a small town, I decided to do it myself. Well I didn't grow the balls(no I don't and never had any, only in the metaphorical sense) to pierce my face until after I had turned 15 and after I entered a high school. You see, if I had pierced my lip before I got out of my middle school, which by the way is a school that goes from kindergarten through eighth grade and only had about 350 kids, I really wouldn't have had any friends.

As soon as I entered high school, I decided it had to be done, of course on a weekend so I could give my new piercing some time to heal. I grabbed some ice, alcohol, and a safety pin and ran to the bathroom that Saturday night. During the numbing process I was so impatient because I just wanted it done.

So after I had numbed my lip for about ten minutes, I took the pin and shoved it through. I waited around in the bathroom for about another ten minutes to give the piercing some time to adjust before i inserted the jewelery. Being that I didn't really get out much, I was stuck with a regular ear ring of the crappy sort.

Well after getting all of these things done, I then realized that I had pierced my lip a little lower than I had originally intended. So, since it wasn't too late yet, I decided to go back and fix my idiotic mistake. Well, all done, right? Wrong. I woke up the next morning with a fat lip....what an idiot right?? Of course I didn't know much about piercing then because I was once a noob, but now that I look back I think, wow how could I have made such a big mistake? And you know I had to face my parents sometime, so I removed the ear ring and claimed I had hit my mouth while I was asleep. I know, what a pathetic story, but they believed it. What thick parents I have. =]

So I decided to wait a bit before I tried this stunt again. Well then I found out that since I had pierced my lip (I had taken a picture and showed my friends and whatnot), all my friends decided to go out and get it done because it had looked so cool when I had done it. Well things like that just piss me off. I hate when people do things because other people do it. But anyway, I wasn't about to give up on attaining my goal. So I pierced my lip again, on the left side, and put in some gold jewelery, again ear ring, until I could happen upon the right jewelery. And you know what? I was complimented so much because of the gold stud because it was so unique since everyone had steel rings and studs.

Well I eventually attained some rings from my boyfriend(which he had bought to pierce his own lip just to show me what I'd look like and that he didn't like it). Now I have a fully healed, perfect looking lip piercing, now complimenting my face(oh how conceited) with a silver stud and gem because my parents insist that I look barbaric with a ring and I got sick of their whining.

I am the only one out of my friends that pierced their lips that still has it and I am completely content. I may want to pierce my lip on the other side so I have snake bites, but I think I may wait because I'm working on adding to my ear piercings, the ones I think are too risky to do yourself, and since i work down the street from a studio, I may just be adding quite a bit more. I love my lip piercing and I would advise anyone who wants one to get one because it doesn't hurt a bit (i didn't numb my lip the last 2 times, but I do have a high pain tolerance) and it looks awesome. One word of caution, if you do want you lip pierced or any other part of your body, please get it done professionally because self piercing is pretty risk and potentially problematic.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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