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Lip Ring On a Summers Day

This is I suppose a little coming of age-esque tale. It is the tale of my first facial piercing. I have multiple holes in my ears, two of which are stretched to 4's, but I decided I just wanted something more visible. Since it was either a lip ring or a septum I decided to do a little research. I read a lot of the experiences and checked out a LOT of pictures. Finally, I decided on a lip ring. I liked the way they looked and aftercare seemed like no big deal, plus I have allergies and blowing my nose with a fresh septum hurt just to think about.

Now came the tricky part, see, I'm 16, which means no piercing or tattoos without parental consent. So I had to suck it up and ask my mom for a lip ring. In fact I offered the deal to never ask her for another piercing ever if she would just pretty pretty PRETTY please let me get one measly little lip ring. She enjoyed making me wait for the answer, though I was just surprised she hadn't vetoed on the spot. After about a week she told me I could get one. Much dancing of joy on my part. However I had to wait until after we went camping for a week and a concert that I was attending with a friend.

After about two weeks the day had come. I was very excited and very very nervous. My dad came along because my mother still hated the idea, and my boyfriend came with me for support, he had experience in this department as he received snakebite labret studs about a month earlier at the same place I was going. We went in and showed my birth certificate and I said that I wanted a lip ring put into the right side of my lip. I was very happy when the piercer, her name was Quinn, asked if I wanted a 14 or 16 gauge ring, I chose the 16. She made sure that my dad was my dad and I was who I said I was and led me, my father, and my boyfriend into the back room.

I did a scan for cleanliness as soon as I was over the threshold, clean floor, counters, and sink. Check. Quinn wiping down the chair with disinfectant, check. I sat down and she went over their sterilization, explained how the tools were reusable and autoclaved, showing me the packages and explaining how to tell they had been sterilized. She had selected two different sizes of rings but after seeing where I wanted it placed she had to get a bigger ring (I have rather full lips). When she returned she showed me the ring's package to show it was sterile. Then she marked the spot I wanted and made sure that I was happy with the placement.

At this point I kicked my boyfriend out of the room because him just being there was making me laugh and it was not a good time to be grinning like a loon. So with him standing outside the door I was finally ready. Quinn readied the clamps and such and told me to breathe in my nose and out my mouth and pretty much just try to relax. I was still pretty keyed up so I did so. She wiped down my mouth with a mild anesthetic and sterilizer. After which she put the clamp on my lip which I barely noticed. She then got the needle and I shut my eyes because I hate needles and under no circumstances wanted to see it. She told me to take a really deep breath and I did, then she told me to take another one and on the inhale I felt the needle go through.

I became a little concerned because at this point it hurt, by my standards, a LOT. But I am a wuss. I whimpered a little and she said, "All done, just going to put the ring in now". Thank God the ring went in with no problems, though she had to take the bead off a different ring because the one I had originally was apparently really big ( I wouldn't know, I still had my eyes shut).

Here is when a small problem hit, I hadn't eaten in about 24 hours. I was going to my boyfriends after my piercing and we were gonna catch lunch and I'd been at a concert all day the previous day. So my blood sugar was a little low. That, coupled with my urge to faint every time I experience pain meant that as soon as I sat up fully my head started spinning. My boyfriend was in the room again at this point and he came over and took my hand and I shifted to get my head down before I puked or fainted. My piercer got me a can of soda so as to get some sugar in me and while I sipped that she explained aftercare and gave me a packet of sea salt and a pamphlet to remind me what to do and sent me off on my way.

The rest of the day it was kinda sore, but I brushed after ever meal and washed with mouthwash and did my salt soaks. Its been 6 days since I got it and it doesn't hurt at all anymore. Though I have had to clean lymph off but thats starting to go away. I would definitely recommend this piercing to anyone who wants something more visible and has never had anything on their face done.


submitted by: Bre
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Quinn
Studio: Mickey%27s+Tattoo+Studio+II
Location: Butler%2C+PA

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