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First piercing (snake bites)

When I was 13 I decided I wanted to get my lip pierced. In normal teen fashion I fought and fought with my mother and father over it. My mom told me to ask my dad and my dad's response was just "I don't like the way it looks" to which  I came back with the standard its my body  speech. This went on for about 3 years in that time I got a job, got my grades up, and started to drive. After leaving the subject alone for a bit I reproached it with a more calm attitude. My  mother finally caved and said "okay you'll just get it when your 18 anyway" I think she just wanted to feel like she had some say. We talked to a very close family friend of ours who had several tattoos and pricings he recommended a shop in town. I learned that the hard way to get more than one recommendation.

So we went down and got a price on a set of snake bites. Luckily my mom didn't really realize what a snake bites were slang for. I believe if she had known it meant two lip rings she would have said no.  we gave the cashier both our drivers licensees and a birth certificate to prove she was my mom. We paid and I went back in. he gave me a small cup of Listerine  I actually coughed it up all over him I kept apologizing to him but he was more concerned about it getting on my outfit. Since it was new years eve I was dressed up for a party that night.  When all the laughter and I'm sorrys subsided he took out the tooth pick dipped it in the ink and marked them. I went and took a look, the marks looked fine to my mother and I.

I sat back down in the chair and he put the clamp on the left side first. My mother at this point freaked out and yelled "my baby!" and left the room. He said alright deep breath than shove the needle through it really didn't hurt me at all. Then he went and clamped my lip on the right side same deal deep breath needle in done. Think I just had myself so worked up that I didn't even think about  it hurting so I didn't really feel it. I walked out my mother just tilted her head "You got two?" I don't know why she  didn't realized it when she saw both the marks but apparently it didn't click. I got a run down on care instructions unscented antibacterial soap 2-3 times a day and use solution for cleaning contact lenses. I've never had anyone else recommend contact solution to me.

We left and got the recommended cleaning supplies. They were a bit sore but not really that bad. I went to the party and someone said that they could see a good bit of ink from were he had marked almost like he had missed it. I went an checked it out and just wrote it off as nothing. A month later a lost my job and a month or so later got another one. I was told on the interview that I had to wear a retainer to hide the lip rings. I had lost a ball on one of the rings so I figured I'd kill two bird with one stone and get the new ball when I got my retainers. When I went back in the room to get the new ball I was surprised to see a girl eating back in the room where I was getting a new ball and another girl was getting a tattoo. When we went out to the waiting room to buy my retainers they gave me a 14G retainer when I was pierced at a 16G I asked about getting the bigger jewelry in and they said just slide it in (keep in mind my lip rings were only 2 months old and not fully

healed as I'd later learn). at this point I knew something was very wrong but I was young and poorly educated about stretching. After some odd looks from both me and my mother the begrudgingly gave my some lubrication in a small bag to help me stretch it.

I went home and tried in vain to get the retainer in. I finally gave up and asked my mother for help by that time she looked at my lip and tried to get it in we soon realized that the back part of the hole inside my lip was healed over. Proving that it was not fully healed and stretching it was a bad plan. I just said screw it and left it out. The next day we called the shop and told them everything they told us the come by around 1 and they would get the other retainer in. I tried to go by about 1:30 with my boyfriend at the time and they were not open. We hung around downtown for about 3 hours in the pouring rain waiting for them to open, they never did. I had to work so I was forced to take my right one out and let it heal. Later I looked at the scar tissue and realized they were really uneven and I heard that complain from several other people in town. All I have to say is look at their book (his was supposedly stolen) and get more than one recommendation. I got screwed

out of my money because I didn't do all my homework. I've since heard the shop has cleaned up a bit and a friend of mine actually pierces there now. But I still cant believe I was so dumb to not see an issue sooner.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: I+can%27t+remember+the+name%2C+but+he+was+the+shop+owner
Studio: Time+Bomb
Location: Frederick%2C+MD

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