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Facial piercing isn't exactly the done thing in Finance!

I'm not like the majority of people who write their experiences on BME, I get piercings and tattoos purely because I like how they look, none of my tattoos or piercings have any particular meaning – they just look good!!

Probably about a year ago I was browsing the galleries, looking at all the piercings, and came across, totally by chance, pictures of lowbret piercings. I saved a few pictures to my computer, and went back for a look every couple of days, not really sure if I actually wanted this piercing myself, or just liked looking at it. After a while I forgot about it, and life went on!

Around Christmas 07 I expressed an interest in joining the Navy, after reading everything I could, I found out that all piercings had to be removed and totally healed over before arriving at recruit school, only one exception to this rule was a small set of ear studs. I reluctantly removed everything and sulked as they closed up. It was sad watching everything close up – so many of mine were done when I lived in England, so were memories in a sense.

I started my navy application about three months ago, and three weeks ago, I was told I had a very high chance of being rejected, I wear glasses for astigmatisms in both my eyes, which on its own is not a problem, however I cannot see straight lines, which is something which will not be corrected with glasses, lenses, laser etc.

So, two weeks later, feeling generally miserable, I thought perhaps its time for something new to cheer me up – I went back to my computer, checked out the lowbret pictures again and decided actually yes I do want this piercing. I warned the rentals and made the call!

Having moved to Australia from the UK nearly two years ago, I had heard of only two piercing studios, and would only consider one, I called Primal Urge in Perth and made an appointment, however my appointment was nearly three weeks away.

The day after I made my appointment, I called and brought it forward to the end of this week, and last night, I called to see if they could do it on my way home – when you feel the urge, you have to give in!!

I arrived ten minutes early for my appointment to fill out paper work, and was really surprised when my hands were shaking!! I've never been nervous before a tattoo or piercing before, so this was a totally new feeling! I paid in advance, and sat down while they got set up.

Cameron came through and said hi, and took me through, where I sat on the couch and was presented with the obligatory mouth wash to rinse for what seemed like forever!! All the time I was rinsing, Cam was washing his hands, incredibly thoroughly. He snapped on his first pair of gloves, cleaned up the front of my mouth, had a feel of the inside of my lip and marked where he thought It should go. After a bit of a debate on my part, Cam removed the mark and replaced it lower down towards my chin closer to where I wanted it. I gave the go ahead and he started opening packages and clamped my lip. I was given the option to close my eyes, which I gladly took; I'm not a fan of watching a needle come towards my face knowing its going through my skin!!

After two deep breaths it was all done, I felt it, but I wouldn't say it hurt a huge amount at all. Cam cleaned up the blood, not an easy task as I was talking away and moving my mouth which made it bleed more, sorted out the jewellery and went through after care with me, making sure I completely understood what I needed to do. With that, I was on my way to buy the mouth wash and a new tooth brush!

Today is day two, its feeling good! I felt uncomfortable last night for the first hour at the most, I was able to eat without any problem at all, and also had a really good sleep. This morning when I woke up I couldn't feel any pain at all, the only thing I am aware of is the slight localised swelling, which I am taking neurofen regularly for, drinking ice water at work, and chewing icy poles at home.

Coming into work this morning I felt a bit nervous, I work for a large Oil and Gas company, I was told right from day one we do not have a dress code, however I have never seen anyone wandering around with metal in their face! I did however receive a fairly positive reaction, one colleague said I was very daring, and my direct manager said 'yes, lovely – your choice!' I really don't suppose I'd get anything better, but that sort of reaction is far more preferable to being told to get it out or get out!!

In general this was a really great piercing experience, Cam was fantastic, making me feel so comfortable, changing his gloves a million times and was so clean, we bonded over our shared addiction of BME and he even laughed at my shit jokes - as I left I was told I am heaps of fun to pierce, and I'm welcome back any time!! He truly is a credit to Primal Urge.

I really couldn't ask for any better!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Cameron
Studio: Primal+Urge
Location: Perth%2C+Western+Australia

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