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Against the Grain

I have wanted my lip pierced for years but being the needle-phobe I am, I was skeptical that it was ever going to happen. I hate getting shots, blood work, or any type of experiences that involved pain that I know about before-hand. When I think of a lip piercing, I see edgy, beauty, and life. Those are all things I've felt like I possessed on the inside but have trouble showing because I'm shy. My 19th birthday was coming up soon and since I was saving up money for vacation and am a poor college student, I knew I couldn't go anywhere far away or do anything to extensive. But I felt like I NEEDED to do something special. I needed to get my lip pierced.

I mentioned the idea to my family but my mother was not too keen on it. My youngest sister Michelle had a nose piercing and is 3 years younger than I am and had been fully supported by my mom. This left me a little perplexed. Seriously mom? She claimed that nose piercings that were small and shiny were cute and that lip piercings were trashy. K? The days that followed were full of my mom making fun of me and being completely unsupportive about my interest. She would point out people who had a piercing and say "OOh, isn't that unattractive?" or get down on me about crying when I needed to get my meningitis vaccine before college but thinking I could have a much larger needle shoved through my lip. At first, it really got to me, but it dawned on me that she wasn't going to accept everything I do in life. I know she would rather have me don a more natural blonde for my hair, or be the college student who holes themselves up in their rooms never to be seen at a party. I love her
to death, but I am an adult and need to be more independent. I had the encouragement of all my close friends and even my younger siblings. Although their approval wasn't necessary, it meant something to me.

The night before my venture to the big city for my birthday was here and the night-- sleepless. I tossed and turned thinking of how in little less than 6 hours I would be subjecting myself to the greatest pain known to man. I woke up early, which basically is any time before 1 pm for me, but in this case was around 9 am. I was constantly going over in my head what was going to happen to get myself comfortable with the procedure. I picked up my high school friend and was off! We got to the mall and I made sure to create a schedule so I was more likely to not back out of my plans. I was going to walk around for a half hour, eat lunch, and then get pierced. Okay, so I'm shaking while eating my Chinese... Relax; it's only going to hurt for a second... that's all. Walking to the parlor. I told the girl at the desk I was interested in getting my lip pierced. She replied with a "Ok..." My heart had been racing for plenty of time. I felt like she did not understand... "Oh, like now?"

"Yeah like now. Ha-ha" I laughed nervously. I wanted it over with. Showed her my I.d. card and got it all paid for. It was more expensive than I had originally thought, but this was my way of showing the world that Stephanie can do anything, priceless.

The piercer gave the heads up that he was ready. He asked if I wanted surgical steel or titanium... I was going insane inside, but I managed to half-yell, "OH, TITANIUM'S FINE!" I had to go through the whole rinsing your mouth out to clean the area. Then was asked the most brilliant question of all... "Do you want your lip to be numbed?" I felt like the sun's rays had looked down and touched me. Harps played and a choir sang... "Yes, please! Could you?" I stammered. He numbed the area, marked the piercing site and I was seated to get to the needle through lip thing. He told me not to move, he could tell I was shaking pretty badly. He said just breathe in and then out. As I felt the forceps pressing my lower lip, I took one breath in and as I exhaled... A sudden rush of blood and warmth came at me. The needle was in... In me! I looked down and saw it actually sticking out of my lip. There was literally no turning back now. The labret went in and at was all over. It looked amaz ing, better than I had expected. I kept thanking everyone for helping me take this step. My excitement continued through the lecture of proper cleaning techniques... and still extends today. I was met with mixed reviews from the fam. My sisters love it, my friends love it, and my mom... will live with it. She still gives me grief about "having something sticking out of my lip". But she has recognized that I did something on my own that I wanted to get done. There are people whom I can tell don't exactly dig the new look, but I have proven to myself and others that I can do anything I put my mind to! With a pending test result on whether I have Celiac disease (gluten intolerance and many other symptoms, it's great to know that my will power is stronger than I once gave myself credit for. And not to mention, it looks pretty hot!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dennis
Studio: Silver+Safari
Location: Spokane

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