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Wonderful Lip Ring

As soon as I saw a lip ring for the first time, I knew I wanted it. I started asking my mother to take me to pierce my lip when I was about 15. She said I was way too young and made up any excuse not to take me. My father also had a big problem with me putting a hole in my "pretty face" but I, of course, only wanted to enhance it. So I gave up asking for a while.

About 6 months ago, my interest in lip piercing was sparked again for whatever random reason and I began talking to my mom about getting it. She seemed to be more okay with letting my get a lip ring because I am now 17 and I obviously want it a lot.

So! I was driving somewhere with my mom and younger brother one day and I asked if we could go pierce my lip. To my surprise she agreed and we went right that second. I talked to a girl who worked at the store for a few minutes and the piercer came out. I chose my ring, a standard captive bead ring, and we were ready to go.

I sat down in the chair and watched my piercer get everything ready. He sterilized the ring I chose and cleaned my lip/face off. He put on his gloves and started telling me about the process. He marked my face with a dot to see if I liked the placement. I said it that I thought it looked great and checked with my family, they agreed with me.

He unwrapped the 16 gauge needle. He put the clamp on, which was less painful than I expected it to be because everyone told me that it was the worst part, and slid the needle through. I felt some pain, but it was bearable and almost enjoyable. It is just like that hot tingle that you get with any other piercing.I will admit that it felt awkward while I was waiting for him to get the ring ready because the needle was just poking up towards my nose and I felt like it was going to scratch me or something. Of course, it was fine and he prepared to put my ring in.

The piercer set the ring on the end of the needle to put it in, but it slipped off the end of the needle while he was trying to get it through so there was nothing in my face for a moment. He tried to get the ring through the hole, which was bleeding a bit, but it wouldn't go. He pulled and pushed but the hole seemed either too small or like it had already closed back up because of the time between the piercing needle being there and the ring going in. He tried again with the 16g needle and the same thing happened. I was getting slightly frustrated at this point, but my piercer was apologetic and told me that this had never happened to him before. I really wanted my lip ring, so I waited for him to figure something out.

He decided to go up a gauge with the needle to 14g. This pain was more intense, but that may just be because of all the previous trauma I had with the other two needles. So he clamped again and went through with the 14g hollow needle. The ring slid through this hole perfectly. If this has happened to anyone else, I would say to let your next piercer know about the experience so that they can pierce with a bigger gauge than the jewelry you want in the first place. He gave me some mouth wash and this part felt really funny with the new ring in place. I rinsed and spat out some blood but I felt fine. He told me all about the after care and gave me a piece of paper with everything typed out so that I could refer back to it later.

My piercer felt bad about the whole ordeal with having to put a needle through my face three times that he told me that I would just have to pay for the jewelry and that the piercing itself would be free. This made me pretty happy, and I was good to go.

I was sore for a couple days and it bled some more that night. Other than that it healed wonderfully. The whole healing process took about 2 months and then it felt great. I love this piercing! It has been over three months and I switched the CBR out for a stud, which I like a lot. I am so glad I finally got this piercing and I can't wait until I get another somewhere else!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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