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Snakebite for Christmas

I had been wanting my lip pierced for a few years and I finally scheduled to get it done in December, 2007 (The 16th of December, to be exact.) The first time I approached my parents about a lip piercing was when I was 10, about to turn 11, believe it or not. I had done research, watched some videos, read some stories, the works. I was eager and much to my disbelief, my father agreed to let me get it but couldn't be bothered to take me, and my mother was against it and refused to take me. I was upset, but it was a slightly odd request for a 10 year old, I guess. Looking back, it was very much worth the wait. Also, the gap gave me more time to research further aspects of the procedure, advanced aftercare, possible complications and so on.

I had been through a couple of D.I.Y piercings, one being my lip, not a wise choice at all. I found out the hard way and it is certainly much safer and beneficial to wait until you have consent or are of age to have your piercing done professionally. Any self-piercers or people considering self-piercing with a safety pin or something of the sort, I urge you, think twice.

I had asked my piercer, Rob, over the phone about a week before if it would be okay to get two in the same day. Apparently it was fine, so with permission from my mum I went ahead and got two lip piercings instead of one. I got to PolyMorph at around 12:30, we walked up to the studio and I explained to Rob and his brother what I wanted to get. I hadn't eaten before hand and I was a little nervous, but Rob advised me that I would be alright. I left for a minute to walk down and get something to eat and came back to fill in all the forms I needed to sign before Rob went ahead with it. I arranged to be pierced at a 16g with captive bead rings. When I was called up, my friend and I went into the piercing room and I rinsed my mouth with a bit of mouthwash Rob asked me to use. I sat on the chair while Rob asked me a few questions and scurried around the room to get all the equipment ready.

He marked the placement on my lip to my satisfaction and told me what he was going to do. He explained that he wouldn't use a clamp to hold my lip as he is a freehand piercer and he would pierce my lip from the inside out. I sat back and closed my eyes as Rob lined up the needle. I took a deep breath in and let it out as he instructed, as he pushed it through. It was practically painless. Like a slight pinch on my lip, just as if I had bitten it. I was really shocked at how little it hurt.

He continued to line up the needle with the next side after giving me a minute to take a breath and relax again (I was pretty excited about the new piercing..) Same deal, I took a deep breath in and let it out while he pushed the needle through. Again, 100% painless experience. There was no blood whatsoever. Rob wiped the area around the piercings and I was all done. Two brand new lip piercings with my new rings! They looked fantastic. I have experienced minimal swelling on my lip for all piercings and no infections.

Absolutely not worth working yourself up over. It is an exciting experience, but nothing to be worried about. The pierce was less than painful, but everyone is different so I can't generalize it. It makes it easier when the piercer is friendly and sociable and willing to be patient with you, let you say no if you don't want to continue with the procedure, just all around what a piercer should be.

I still have my lip rings at the moment, and since December have gone back to get another snakebite. I now have dual 16g spider bites and have all my piercings done at PolyMorph. The studio is a highly sanitary and hygienic environment and the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very dedicated to what they do. They supply free basic aftercare which is awesome. I believe they are also part of the APP, and everything you would look for in a studio. Not to mention the prices are really reasonable, if not cheap (but nothing short of top quality service.) All their jewelry is of the highest quality material, so you know you're getting your money's worth. None of my piercings have had any problems and I couldn't be happier. I clean all of my mods on a regular basis, my most recent lip piercings are just about healed. I do sea salt soaks and it is easily the most effective way to keep your piercings in good form.

I highly the studio to anyone in Sydney looking for a trustworthy studio, and, anyone who's thinking about getting their lip pierced, go for it! It's truly worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Rob
Studio: PolyMorph
Location: Newtown%2C+Sydney%2C+Australia

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