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snake bites take two

So after being horribly burned by the first shop I got my snake bites at and losing them because of my job I decided to get them re-pierced. I had a new job that would allow me to keep them in so there was no risk of me wasting my money again. I talked to my mother about it and she said she wanted to go with me again to avoid another incident. Even though it was her friend who recommended the last shop an she was with me every time I was down there. We pulled out the phone book and looked a several other shops. You'd think I'd have learned y now but we called several shops most were close for the 4th of July and we chose the only one that was open and I had one recommendation on, a mistake I made last time. Yeah I know I'm an idiot. My mother called down to make sure they pierced minors with parental consent (I was 17) they said yes and she said we'd be down in 15 minutes.  

We found the place a kind of run down building in an odd part of town. Most of the shops were in downtown area but this was way out off of a major highway. The place looked a little run down on the outside but we went in anyway. We were surprised by the fact that we stepped through the door into a leather shop that frankly looked like it hadn't be dusted in quite some time. We walked over to the counter and told the girl that we had just called about getting my snake bites redone she told us that he had just stepped out and would be back shortly. She photocopied our ids and my birth certificate. And we took a seat to fill out the paper work. After about 20 minute of waiting we got bored and started to look around the shop. After about another 30 minutes of waiting we were starting to get a little angry considering we had called ahead and spoke to the guy. We didn't say anything to the receptionist but I guess she overheard  our conversation and said "maybe I should call him"
  1. Another 20 minute passed and he showed up. I told him I wanted to get my snake bites re-done. Now I've never heard anyone say snake bites referring to anything else other than 2 lip rings. He gave be a look of confusion and said "where?" I said "on my lip?" he then said "those aren't snake bites!" then went into a long speech about how you could call two lobe piercing snake bites and how it referred to any to piercing done on any similar part of the body.

    We walked back into the room which did seem very clean. His rant continued now he was bitching about "stupid beach kids" calling an industrial a suicide. I could tell by the look on my moms face she thought he was as big a jerk as I did. He asked who did my first set I told him Time Bomb (Frederick, MD) he then went on and on about how he knows I've been pierced before but he still went over the care instructions. My mother brought up that the first guy had recommended saline solution for contacts. He through a fit "no that will give you a yeast infection!"

    So after he was done that rant he marked me with a blue sharpie which he later gave me. He then pointed out the my scare tissue was uneven I let him know I was already aware. To be honest I just wanted him to shut up a get it over with. Some how my mother brought up the other guy at time bombs book being stolen. He said that was "that's bullshit never believe anyone tell you that!" which started off another rant while he was finally clamping me. He did my left side first which went through scare tissue I jumped. Oh yeah it really hurt. Then he went to do the right side and said well this one wont touch the scare tissue because these were so messed up. It didn't hurt near as bad after we were done I hoped off and left.

    First words out of my mouth when leaving the shop were "never here ever again" my mom looked at me and said "I could tell you wanted to punch that guy" . A few months later my work still looked good but when people asked about were I got I done I told them no one could believe they did a good job. I learned after the fact that they had been shut down for health code more than once and a lot of people had issues with screwed up piercing and tattoos. I got luck very lucky mine turned out fine this time. From then on I made sure every shop was researched with several recommendations. It sucks that It took me two times to finally figure that out. I got really lucky.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: can%27t+remember+his+name
Studio: snake+man
Location: Frederick%2C+MD

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