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Easiest piercing ever.

I began loving piercings after I finally got my lobes pierced when I was in 7th grade. By the time I turned 18 and had the absolute freedom to pierce whatever I pleased, I had my industrial, tragus, lots of lobes/cartilage, belly button and nose piercings. My mom became pretty lenient about piercings by the time I was 16 or 17 but the one thing she DID NOT want me to do was "pierce my face" (except my nose apparently).

I don't remember where or when I saw it, but it seems like I've wanted my Monroe pierced for all eternity! As much as I begged and pleaded with my mom, she would not have it. I was bummed, but I told her the day I turned 18, it was going down.

The day of my 18th birthday finally arrived and I was more than excited to get it pierced! My best friend wanted her lower lip pierced so we decided we'd go together. On the drive there, we both began to panic about the pain and inconvenience the piercings might bring. Kissing, eating... anything involving my face didn't sound like it'd be fun. My boyfriend was out of the country for 2 weeks though, so I figured it was prime time.

Anyhow, skipping along to the part that you'd actually want to read: We got to Fura and were greeted by Mel, the owner. He had pierced my industrial and tragus before, but my friend had never been here. He asked what we wanted, set us up with information on caring for the piercing along with the actual mouth wash and soap that we'd use to clean it daily (or hourly, as I came to do). We paid for everything (this place has pretty decent/low prices) and began our walk as if we were headed for the electric chair.

I decided to go first. I sat on the bed and Mel joked around with us to calm our nerves. He cleaned my upper lip, numbed it and drew small dots to help me figure out where I wanted. You know, the standard procedure. I told him the inside felt pretty numb so he said he would start numbing the outside then.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that he had what looked like a needle up to my face but I didn't think much of it. He stepped away and grabbed the jewelry. That confused me a bit, so I asked, "Wait, is it done?" He replied, "Yep, just putting in the jewelry."

EASIEST PIERCING EVER! I literally didn't even feel a thing! I was so happy with the piercing; it's my new favorite! It healed really easily: no swelling...only redness occurred when I'd hit it in the shower. I could play with it no problem by the next day. It's been a little over 2 weeks now and I completely forget it's there until I look in the mirror. My Monroe could have been easier than 98% of my lobe piercings alone! 100% recommend this to anyone!!!!

This piercing doesn't even slightly bother me ever. If you've ever thought about getting it done and hesitated due to fear of pain, don't even worry about it! Flu shots and biting your tongue hurt a million times more than this! The even nicer part, healing is a total walk in the park as long as you remember to rinse your mouth with ALCOHOL FREE mouthwash consistently but at least after you eat... or do anything besides breathe or drink water (such as kiss or smoke anything).

Oh, and my piercer also told me something I hadn't heard about before: if you drink beer or eat yogurt with a fresh mouth piercing, you can get a YEAST INFECTION in your damn mouth!! Can you imagine? You're also supposed to avoid foods like pizza and lemonade but I didn't and I never had a problem. You can drink beer again after 2 weeks (2 week anniversary was yesterday!) but I wouldn't risk it before then.

Some people have said it rubs against your gums or teeth a lot: you kind of have to expect this considering the location. I wouldn't say it "rubs" against anything, but I like to play with mine by rubbing it on my gum line. I'm sure that's not healthy for your gums though. If the jewelry gets caught on your gums or teeth then you DEFINITELY need a smaller size. For the first 2 weeks it'll be really long but after 2 weeks (if there's no swelling) you should go get the jewelry changed.

Anyways, I hope this has helped anyone who's thinking about getting their Monroe done. Like I said, I 100% recommend it to anyone because it's the cutest and easiest piercing ever!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Mel
Studio: Fura+Bodyworks
Location: Castro+Valley%2C+CA

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