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Drinking Tea Through A Straw

After getting my nose pierced at 14, I always thought I would avoid any more facial piercings. The only others I had were three in my left lobe and two in my right, which I never actually wear and although I enjoyed the look of them, I didn't have a burning desire for anything else.

However, by 16, I was starting to change my mind. My younger sister had got multiple lobes, nose, tragus, cartilage and naval pierced in a short space of time and needless to say, I was beginning to feel a few pangs of jealousy. I had secretly wanted my nipple pierced for some time, and began to look seriously into it. For about a month I was convinced I was getting one and did huge amounts of research into it. I was raring and ready to go...until I discovered that, much to my disappointment, most reputable studios would not go ahead until I was 18 and I soon went off the idea.

I forgot all about the piercing idea until a few weeks later when I was on an end-of-exams celebratory holiday with my friends. A few of them went to get piercings and on a whim, I decided I'd quite like a central labret. Sadly, my misfortune hit once more when I ran out of money and yet again, I had to remain new-hole-free.

When I got home, I began to seriously look into different lip piercings. It was a toss up between a philtrum, lowbret or labret. Eventually, I decided on a labret, but I didn't decide on its positioning until minutes before it actually happened! Luckily, I'm quite obsessive when it comes to this kind of thing, so I read hundreds of experiences on BME, as well as doing research into the potential risks.

The day after I'd decided, I knew I had to go for it. Luckily for me, my parents are of the 'well, it's your body' school so that afternoon, my Mum escorted me to Bodypoints, which is where my sister had her naval pierced. I was a little dubious, as I had assumed that it was a little on the shady side and would have preferred to go to Holey Skin, which is where I'd got my nose pierced. However, there was a reassuring sign on the door informing us that they were fully licensed, the place seemed clean and the women was friendly. She even said that she'd only pierce me if my Mum was okay with it.

She gave me a consent form to sign along with a receipt telling me who was piercing me (it turned out to be her) and the date before explaining the jewellery to me. She said that they always pierced with a longer bar at first to allow for swelling. Next, she led me into a small room. I sat on the bed and watched her put fresh gloves on before opening a packet with the needle in. She cleaned my lip with an alcohol wipe and then out came the famous purple pen. The first mark she made was way too far towards the corner of my mouth, so I asked her to change it closer to the middle, which she did with no problem. I decided to go for my left side as my nose piercing is on the right and I wanted it to look at least slightly symmetrical.

Michelle didn't explain the procedure to me, which would have been nice but luckily I'd done my research and knew what to expect. When I decided on the position, she clamped me (which, much to my surprise, I barely felt) and before I knew it, there was a needle sticking out of my lip. It hurt, but not nearly as much as I expected and definitely not more than my nose did. She cut the needle and inserted the jewellery, which again, I could hardly feel, and that was it! After asking me if I felt faint - which I didn't, she cleaned me up a bit as I was bleeding slightly and gave me some tissue in case it continued.

I was a little bit disconcerted to find that the only aftercare advice I was given was to brush the back of the bar when I brush my teeth but as I said before, I'd done my research so I had a good idea of what to do. I paid her £30 - which included the titanium jewellery and thanked her. We left the shop and my Mum admitted that it looked good, I was thrilled. We went straight to the supermarket to buy some Listerine, which I have been diluting with water and using everytime I eat.

It stopped bleeding quickly and thanks to Ibuprofen, swelling has been at a minimum. Aside from some initial throbbing, it hasn't been too painful. The only problem I've found so far is eating and drinking. I knew hot drinks would be a problem but luckily I've combatted this by drinking my tea through a straw! It's just a bit tricky remembering to eat on the opposite side of my mouth. I'm cleaning the wound with salt water twice a day and if my nose piercing is anything to go by, hopefully it will heal quickly without a problem. I have ordered a shorter bar which I plan to put in after a couple of weeks when the swelling has gone down fully.

I was pleasantly surprised by Bodypoints and would definitely go there again for any other piercings I get. The staff aren't as knowledgeble and into bodymods as many studios, but they do know what they're doing and it's all legit and clean.

Now that I've caught the piercing bug again, I just need to decide what else I want!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Tracey
Studio: Bodypoints
Location: Bristol%2C+UK

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