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and its called a monroe

So I was dating an apprentice at the Dragon's Den about a month or two ago. Since he was the apprentice he had to work from shop open to shop close, which meant me going up to the shop and sitting sometimes if I wanted to see him at all. So it was one of those days I decided to drop by for a visit and wait for closing time, so I could take him to his house where we were having a small get together. Anyway as I am sitting there waiting for him to get off of work Angel says she is bored. It was one of the slower week days so it is perfectly understandable. Any how Angel declares she is bored, and when Angel gets bored someone gets pierced. She tried to get my friend Theresa to get her nose pierced but she was like ughh nooo. (she got it done the other day but that is neither here nor there). So me being the addict I am for piercings I was like hey you can pierce me. [I mean really who am I to turn down a free piercing from an excellent piercer??]. Angel then asked me what I

wanted and at the time I really wanted a Monroe or Madonna dependant on the side, mine was a Monroe. So Angel was like awesome lets go.

So we go back into her booth (which is a room, but it is called a booth I really don't know why), she got her instrument trey ready this includes: getting out a fresh clamp, getting out a fresh needle, she gave me options on what jewelry I want I chose a diamond, Monroe jewelry and labret jewelry are very similar if not the same so picture the little ball with I diamond top, she does some other thing which I have failed to pay attention to every time. She marked the spot, handed me a mirror to check if I liked the spot, I did. She put the clamp in place, she had to pierce it a little off the spot do to a vein, and then she pierced it. It was relatively painless, she got to the inserting of the jewelry, she warned I would feel the treads, which I did. I slobbered a lot so when it was time to put the ball on the barbell she had a little bit of trouble. In the end she got the ball on, with a little pain. A Monroe is most defiantly bottom of the scale on pain it does not deserve to be called painful, honestly. So that being said I looked in the mirror and absolutely loveeeed it. Angel gave me the run down on proper aftercare. She told me I she buy some H2Ocean for the aftercare. Apparently, it is the best 10 dollars I will spend; I did not buy it though my boyfriend did. I smoked at the time so yea like a tongue or any other oral piercing after every dadblam cigarette.

I am an impulsive type of person; I have ended up with more than one piercing that way, ok most of them that way. At the time impulsion seemed like a good idea, I mean I had wanted that piercing for a while, when I first decided I wanted it I was too young the parental units would have said noooo way, and besides I was not brave enough to get such a bold piercing. It sparked a lot of conversations which I will get to in a moment. Well beside the fact that my mother was going to be totally pissed that I went and got another piercing with out talking to her first (which by then I never did a thing she said anyhow, I had moved out once and did not care to listen to her), my school has this thing about people not having body piercings, so if I thought hiding my nose ring was a problem, which it wasn't because I never covered it, I had another thing coming, this is a Monroe we are talking about. I have an allergy to band-aid adhesive so by second block everyday the dot band-ai d was gone. This was ok because I had surprisingly oblivious teachers. The administration was a little harder to hide it from, but I did not get into too much trouble in school so I was in the clear for them as well. The one thing that made me livid was when people called it a lip ring, PEOPLE REALLY A LIP RING IS NOT IT THAT SPOT and you don't see people calling a labret a lip ring. I actually broke it down for a couple people and pointed out where exactly lip rings, labrets and other oral/ facial piercings were. It agitates me to no end for someone to call a piercing the wrong name. I f I don't know the name I describe the location. Monroe's are very rare so if you are looking to be on the more unique side get one. I love playing with it more than my tongue ring. I don't too much care to play with the tongue ring especially after getting the Monroe. Though it is advisable to leave it alone until it heals, if not it takes longer for it to heal and you could cause problems o r infection. It is an awesome piercing though


submitted by: earthy_eyez14
on: 31 July 2008
in Lip Piercing

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