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Vertical Philtrum

I'd been interested in getting a Medusa, or philtrum, for a little over a year, but had run across a few minor issues. I am missing one of my front teeth, and have a false acrylic tooth that is basically attached to a retainer, this has caused my gums to recede, and combined these issues made a flat back in that area of my mouth a bad idea. Not only would it have mad my gum line worse, but there was also a chance it would have gotten caught on my false tooth as it doesn't line up smoothly with my gums.

For years, my boyfriend and I have been getting pierced at Saint Sabrina's, I've gone other places, but recently, Jesika had done a few things for me. I had become interested in the 'upper lip' piercing she had and after a conversation with her I learned that she was one of the first she knew of to have this piercing, and therefore called it a "Monster Truck Smash". I found out later it was dubbed the Jestrum by the Derek, who had done the piercing for her, but she changed it into a little more of a indication of how the it felt. Although most pain is relative, it was more than I expected. The technical term for the piercing is the above mentioned vertical philtrum. We discussed it a little more and I was on my way.

A few days later I was walking in the area of the shop and stopped in. Jesika wasn't working but I did talk to another piercer, Jake. This was when my fears of being unable to get a Medusa were solidified. Gums, tooth, both bad news. We discussed a dermal anchor in that area, but I wasn't too keen on that idea. I also mentioned the Monster Truck Smash, knowing I would have to take out my lip piercing, since the two would conflict, Jake said it was doable. After taking a few days to think about it, I finally decided to go for it. I'd had my lip done for almost 4 years and wasn't done loving it, but this was something I just about need to do. The worst thing that would happen was that I wouldn't like it, or it wouldn't work out. I knew if that happened I could get my lip re-done, and have it back and still love it. So, I went in for a visit with Jesika. As I filled out my paper work I chatted with the hosts, one asked if I knew why Jesika called it the Monster Truck Smash, and I said no, I honestly hadn't thought about it, except that it sounded a little wicked. One girl answered "Well, she said it was because it hurt so much."

For those reading who don't know, this piercing starts in the flesh just above my upper lip, the same area as a Medusa, or a a little lower, and goes down through my upper lip, the bottom coming out just above where my upper and lower lips come together. I asked Jesika if this was going to hurt, thinking about was the host had said, of course she said "No, you'll be fine". Of course I'd be fine, but the question of pain, had been cleverly avoided. Thinking nothing of it I sat up on the table, Jesika look out my lower lip ring, after telling her how long I'd had it she asked if I was sure, which of course I was. How could I not be. I had already thought how well some off center vertical lips would look if I ever thought my bottom lip was to void of metal. Jesika did some poking, and pinching, figuring out my mouth and lip, she marked and re marked it, to make sure it was perfectly straight. I laid down and she cleaned the area, and got ready to grab the needle. Joe was with me , it was especially great to have a hand to hold for this one.

I took a few deep breathes. Jesika, breathing along with me, held the needle above the top of my lip and counted down. Three, two one, and as I let out the third breath I felt a pinch, and some pressure. I exhaled deeply, harder as the last second went on forever. The pinch turned into a burning as the needle came through the bottom of my upper lip. "Monster Truck Smash" Jesika said coyly, my eyes had begun to tear up, which ran down the rides of my face. I took another deep breathe, and she came back to put in the jewelry, which was an added pinch that tightened my stomach a bit, but didn't last long. She handed me a tissue for my eyes and I sat up.

I smiled looking in the mirror as she explained that there are a ton of nerves in your face that come together in that area. That piercing just happens to go through a specific area with a lot of nerve endings and is different than a normal lip piercing, of which I have had a few. I considered my self pretty well versed in how my body handles piercings and my tolerance level. Having other experiences and gaining the ability to keep grounded through something like this was a great advantage to my attitude going in and the process in general. I got a pretty decent endorphin rush but it didn't hit me until I was downstairs, walking in the lobby. I thanked Jesika, told her how much I loved it and decided I needed to find some food type things I could put through a straw for the rest of the day.

A few months later it's healing slowly. There has been some scar tissue here and there, nothing I've worried about. It's still a little weird to whistle, but I'm still loving it and only miss my lower lip a little bit.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Jestrum Piercings

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Artist: Jesika
Studio: Saint+Sabrina%27s
Location: Minneapolis

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